Sunday, September 30, 2018

Calgo Garden

Last weekend we attended an Art Show at
Calgo Gardens
one of the most beautiful garden centers in this area.

This bench is in the parking lot, it has been there for years and it always catches my eye.
It is baseball themed "Bench Warmers"!

Included with the Art Show was a scarecrow contest, 
I voted for this one, #3, it didn't win.

The hubs voted for the one on the right, it didn't win either.
I did not even take a picture of the winner...of course at the time, 
I did not know it was going to win!

This sign details all of the events.

This is "The Barn", you can barely make out the sign unless you look for it in the picture.
We spent a couple of hours here, then went to Cheesecake Factory for lunch.
I love weekend days like this, full of good fun, good food, and beautiful blue skies.


  1. Fantastic garden.
    Scarecrow fairy-tale, wonderful.
    Your photos are great, Debbie.
    Thank you that I could see it all.
    Hugs and greetings from autumn Poland.

  2. Beautiful garden Debbie, we have a garden place not far from home here and each year it attracts hundreds of tourist, it's truely amazing..hugs.xx

  3. Hello, sounds like a nice weekend. The weather has been great too. I like all the Halloween decorations and scarecrows. The flowers are all beautiful. I love that bench. Happy Sunday, enjoy your day and new week ahead.

  4. A fun outing and if the pretty sky matched the weather is was a great day.

  5. Number 3 is cool - I like number 7, also. I really don't know where people get these creative ideas! So - I think I'm all caught up, are you tired of hearing from me? I think I must have spammed your inbox... (sorry about that, but I have had a lot of fun following along on your adventures of the last couple weeks!)

  6. It looks like a fun place, Debbie. Great photos.

  7. I enjoy this time of year for just these kinds of events! I'd love to have that first bench, (my hubby made a wooden one that we could actually add a guy to it!) These scarecrows are just perfect autumn fun!

  8. What a fabulous place. I love that bench in the car park; 'tis very clever. Those scarecrows are filled with whimsy and imagination. Cheesecake to finish off the day sounds perfect to me.

  9. This sounds like a perfect day to me. I love the scarecrows and that reminds me that I need to put mine out.

  10. The Bench Warmer bench is adorable. I’m a baseball fan, anyway. This looks like such a fun place to visit. We have a similar place here at Thanksgiving Point that we visited 2 years ago and voted on the best Scarecrow. I liked your choices. I think people are so creative. Also loved the flowers and landscaping. The Barn looks unique and of course the Cheesecake factory is the perfect ending to this days adventure.
    Blessings and hugs for you two!

  11. This is so much fun! I love seeing all the different scarecrows. Your photos are absolutely stunning. You are such an amazing photographer!!!

  12. Looks like another perfect day out, blue skies, lots of fun stuff to look at and a good lunch with the man you love, nothing can get better :) I liked the one with the sunglasses and the one with the sunflower eyes, that's funny you didn't get a pick of the winner, must be you didn't care for that one. Or too many people around it :)

  13. Love the scarecrow contest - this makes me yearn for the fall fairs in the Northeast … full of competitions ranging from garden produce to baking to quilting to turkeys and rabbits and the list goes on!!!

  14. Beautiful those glass flowers. I’ve always wanted to make a scarecrow for some reason.

  15. I always enjoy seeing scarecrows like this, they are so colourful.
    What a wonderful blue sky in many of your photographs too.

    All the best Jan

  16. Beautiful place! They've got some great Halloween art! Awesome scarecrows!

  17. Yet another fun place. - The bench was so cute, loved all the scarecrows and the fun art pieces. I want the Metal Owl on the Moon.

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