Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Yarn Along

I am so proud to share the progress 
I have made on the baby blanket I am working on.

The Chevron Baby Blanketthis pattern is free on Ravelry

Here's a close up look at the stitches and the colors.
I am more than 3/4's of the way finished
 and I am honestly thrilled with the colors and the look of the blanket.

I started this blanket at least 8 times, 
and had to keep ripping it out, I just couldn't "get" it.
I think when you start a new project,
it is difficult to imagine - picture - feel what you are doing.
Once you feel it, you get it.
Now, this is such an easy knit and I am enjoying it so much.
I have memorized the easy pattern and I don't have to look at it anymore.
When I make a mistake, I can feel it and correct it right away.

You may remember that I almost gave up...
that my knitting teacher, Leanne, helped and encouraged me...
I am so glad I believed in myself...or that I am very stubborn,
I think it is the latter!


  1. You are determined, Debbie. It is beautiful! One can feel the softness from the photos.

  2. Hello, it is a beautiful blanket. I love the colors and pattern. Have a happy day!

  3. You never have to give up, if we persevere we succeed. It's beautiful Debbie. Congratulations.
    Good wednesday.

  4. Such a gorgeous blanket and token of LOVE!

  5. Hi Debbie~ BEAUITFUL!!! That is great and you did an amazing job. Loving the colors.

  6. Looking great!!! So happy that is has all come together and it is beautiful.

  7. This made me well up with tears a little bit. I hope you know how much joy I get out of seeing you succeed and your determination. I knew you could do this and I am soooooo happy you kept trying. It looks amazing and that little baby will be wrapped in love with your work. Bravo!

  8. Great looking blanket and I like the colors you chose.

  9. This is such a lovely blanket, and the colours do go so well together.
    Well done Debbie.

    All the best Jan

  10. I can't believe how quickly you are moving on this, Debbie, and it is just beautiful!

  11. Oh i love this one!! Love the colors!!so pretty

  12. See....told ya so.
    haha...muscle memory is a wonderful crazy thing.
    So Proud of you for sticking it out.
    This has to be the very best color combo on this pattern that I have ever seen. Simply gorgeous knitting!

  13. Lovely blanket you have done well.

  14. Gorgeous work Debbie. You've a real feel for this beautiful craft and I love the colours :D) xx

  15. I am so glad you didn't give up. Its just beautiful Debbie! I love the colors and the design. Great job!

  16. It is looking fabulous, glad you stuck with it and got the help to figure it out, it's nice when you can just go to it and don't have to follow a pattern!

  17. I knew you would work it all out and knit up a beautiful blanket. This gal from downunder is very proud of you. Your persistence is bringing together a most beautiful blanket of a most exquisite pattern. Those colours truly do dance together rather magically. Well done you!!

  18. I am so proud of you for sticking in there to finish this lovely baby blanket. The colors are so beatiful and that dear baby will be cuddly warn in this one.
    Sending loving thoughts and hugs your way for this accomplishment.