Monday, March 26, 2018

Longwood Gardens

We have Yearlong Passes for 
and go each season to enjoy the changing displays.
We went on Saturday one of the last days of the Orchid display 
and I am so glad we did not miss it.

This beautiful archway at the entrance of the conservatory is made completely from orchids.



hanging from the ceiling shaped into balls.

An Orchid curtain.

Greenery - mixed with Orchids.





The ever rare Blue Poppies.

Tiger Lily

Nectarine Bloom



The floor in this area is water...the Orchid curtain is off in the distance.

Tiger Lily



Tiger Lily

The hubs


and one of us together.
When it is crowded in the gardens, they do not allow tripods,  
so I try to find people who look bored or friendly people
to snap one of us together.
Then I offer to take a picture for them, it usually works out pretty well!

March 24th, 2018


  1. A wonderful place to while away a few hours to be sure.

  2. Thank you for always nice message.
    It is wonderful surrounded by beautiful flowers.

  3. Great photos of you two! The flowers are exquisite. Great photos! Aren’t those blue poppies gorgeous?

  4. Stunning!

    Imagine the person who grows and tends this as their job. Imagine if this was your office!

  5. Oh my you have taken the most beautiful pictures of flowers ever. They should be in a book.

  6. Hello, gorgeous flowers. The orchid displays are beautiful. I like the blue poppies. Cute shots of you and your hubby! Happy Monday, enjoy your new week!

  7. WOW...that is beautiful...what amazing colors and blooms! Thank you for sharing your adventures!

  8. all the beautiful exotic stuff, and my fav are the daisies ... go figger

  9. Oh wow! Debbie,these pictures are marvellous.So many flowers and such incredible beauty.Thanks for sharing them, they brightened my day.

  10. These gardens must all be housed in glass buildings?
    It seems far to cold this time of year for those blooms.
    It sure is a beautiful place.

  11. I have orchids today , but you have those and so much more. Such a beautiful place. I particularly loved the forsythia bush in full bloom. Our daughter's name is Cynthia and that bush in our Oregon yard used to bloom right around her birthday --- she used to think it was called 'ForCynthia" (we might have encouraged her to think that ;>))...... Was just talking to her earlier today and she texted me some pictures of her spring blooms. (Getting a bit homesick here, but the orchids helped!! That and my warm dry feet.) Thanks for sharing this season at Longwood. It's a wonderful place.

  12. Oh thanks for sharing, your pictures are just beautiful, our orchid ended at our gardens too and we never got there to see it, so it was so nice to see such beautiful flowers on this dark and dreary day!! I love the orchid curtain and I have never seen a blue poppie, so beautiful! Our garden doesn't allow tripods either on special events, great pics of you both!

  13. Goodness gracious Debbie---that place is plumb gorgeous! So so pretty, and looks peaceful too. That many orchids is just stunning. I love the hydrangeas photos the shades of blue and green like that. Do they have weddings there??--i bet they do.Glad you liked the post with the murals, they are fun to look at!

  14. Yes, this is the place to be! It brings spring and summer right to life! And weddings as well. A perfect place for them.

  15. You and your hubs are so cute. I love all those glorious flowers. Just amazing. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  16. Gorgeous place! I always love your photos from here!

  17. You certainly visit some wonderful places.
    Lovely photographs.

    All the best Jan

  18. Of course, my very favorite photos are of you and the two of you. I love that you will ask individuals to take your photo;; we do the same sometimes. It's so fun to have a picture together. You are such lovebirds for sure. The photos are stunning. I think my very favorite this time is the Blue Poppies. It's mainly because it is my favorite color. Sending loving thoughts and hugs your way!

  19. A wonderful place to while away a few hours to be sure.thank for sharing good i dea !


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