Thursday, March 8, 2018

The Ocean's Storm...

If you want to know what the weather is going to do around here,
a quick trip to the ocean will let you know.

Tuesday was a really gorgeous day here at the Jersey Shore,
the sun was out, the skies were blue and the temperature was about 50 degrees.
 But the weathermen were predicting another Nor'Easter for Wednesday,
and after looking at the ocean, they may be right.

The ocean always gives away the weathers secrets...
it was rough, angry and the waves were breaking with a vengeance.
You could feel it coming...

The beach here is gone from Friday's storm - that wasn't for us.
Only 10 minutes from home, the beaches suffered immensely from that storm.
Standing at the top of the beach access, much of the stairs are gone.
The stairs that are left, are buried in sand.
The beach itself is pretty much gone, washed away...
the ocean was kissing the access stairs.
It was high tide but I have only seen this, after a big storm.
A lot of the beach area streets are flooded, closed, the residents unable to get out.
What a difference a few miles makes.

Let me finish by saying that it was beautiful...
it's always beautiful, not matter it's mood.



  1. Hello Debbie!
    You live 10 minutes from the ocean?
    The storm for you is not a surprise.
    I've never experienced a storm by the sea.
    Ocean is a dream for me.
    Greetings from Poland.

  2. Wow I guess those are some good waves coming in and the water is so dark blue, sorry to hear there was yet more damage done, I heard on the news this morning that portions of New Jersey was hit hard so I was wondering how you made it through.

  3. Wish we could easily harness the power of the sea! Great photos, Debbie.

  4. Yikes! I hope the beaches (and the people affected) recover. The Atlantic is so different up there near you than it is here ... I have never seen moods like that on 'our' beaches. The Pacific, near where we live in Oregon, however, is much more like the way you describe your ocean shores. Your pictures are wonderful ... and the way you describe how it is always beautiful no matter what the mood is ... that is exactly the way I feel about the Pacific Ocean.

  5. I love it when the Ocean is "working up a hissy fit."
    What wonderful photos. Thank you, I miss the ocean so much.

  6. Though it would be the most wonderful thing to live right on the beach, the storms that blow up would be a worry. The fury of the waves, I would imagine cause a lot of angst and stress. Glad that you are okay. Gorgeous photos, Debbie.

  7. These are all great photographs.
    The weather globally has been so mixed up in recent months ...

    Stay safe

    All the best Jan

  8. How powerful and majestic are those ocean waves! Your photos really do convey their beauty too!

  9. Looking at your pictures,I found myself wishing I could be at the ocean to capture scenes like that. Since I can't be there,I'm thankful that you are sharing these.

  10. Beautiful surf! I hate to hear about the beach. I don't imagine they're easy to restore.

  11. I live by the sea, but its power is nothing compared to the ocean...

  12. These photographs are truly so beautiful, Debbie.
    I just love the ocean. You are so fortunate to live so close to it

  13. The photos of the ocean are spectacular. I loved the sunlight sparkling in the water and you got some fantastic shots of the waves.
    Wow, the storms can cause havoc. You are very blessed to live in such a wonderful area of God's beautiful earth.
    Blessings and hugs!

  14. Hello Debbie, I always enjoy the beach and ocean photos. They are so pretty. These storms seems to be getting worse, or is it just me? Enjoy your day!

  15. Amazing shots. It's sad that the storms wash away so much of the beach and access to it though.