Monday, March 12, 2018

What I'm Crushing On...

It's been a while since I have done one of these posts.
As I walked around the house, 
it wasn't hard to find "crushes" that I wanted to share.

My new Front Door Easter Decor

Blooming Paper-Whites

New Basil popping up from seeds from my old plant.

Newly purchased seed packs for my wildflower garden outside.

My newest Blog Book just arrived.
I have my books printed here
Enter the code DAYLIGHT, to receive a 35% savings.

Homemade Soap
Received by trading a handmade washcloth for 2 bars of soap.

Daffodils in the garden - it won't be long now.

We are expecting snow tonight, into Tuesday morning, 
I'll have to get back to you as to whether or not I am excited.
I think it's not!

I don't think I have to ask...
who's over winter and ready for Spring?


  1. WOW! My Daffodils and Tulips are mere little spears peeking up through the snow.
    Yes--we are getting snow again today--I no longer am excited by it.

  2. Could you post the link for the place which does your blog book, Debbie? I misplaced it.

    We may h a e flowers by late May!


      enter the promo code DAYLIGHT to receive a 35% savings on your book!

  3. Me - I'm over winter! Living in Florida isn't all it's cracked up to be. No, of course we don't get weather like y'all do, but when it's down in the teens all I want to do is crawl under a blanket and read. :)

    You have some lovely crushes, Debbie. :)


  4. Wonderful paperwhites and I can't wait to see your daffodils (I will be jealous, but I still can't wait). I find myself thinking about your crushing posts pretty often -- every time I see or use something around here that I'm so happy to have.

    Hope the snow wasn't too bad this time. We are probably catching the tail end of the storm as we've had rain off and on for a couple of days. Still 75 degrees daytime temp tho. So I don't have any winter to get over really! Winter/early Spring are kind of interchangeable around here. And then so are late Spring is pretty much summer already.

  5. Ooohhhh...that soap looks nice! I would love to have my blog posts printed so I'll look at your link! Love that cute bunny for your front door too! Hugs!

  6. WOW, Debbie, all are certainly promising us that Spring is on it's way (although we're getting our 3rd nor'easter in less than 2 wks!!!)...:)JP

  7. I am over winter, but it came back with a couple inches of snow this morning. No school and cold temps. Boo!

  8. Oh what a lovely post.
    Love your Easter Door decor, surely Spring is just around the corner, Isn't it?

    All the best Jan

  9. Looks like you are well on your way to another beautiful garden this summer.

  10. oh those flowers are beautiful and so so so SPRING! I am loving your new book too, those are gorgeous. How many do you have so far? What a neat way to save your pictures and your blog posts!

  11. You are really an awesome photographer! Love the bunny and daffodils.

  12. So many pretties to have a crush on here, Debbie. Those Daffodils speak to me of Spring. =)

  13. Hello Debbie, I like your cute basil pot. The bunny decoration and the paperwhites are pretty. We had less than an inch of snow overnight. I am looking forward to seeing the spring blooms. Have a happy day!

  14. So many adorable items. I always enjoy these posts!

  15. Ah basil is in the air! I enjoyed all your crushes and I wish Minnesota was as close to spring but....

  16. Cute door decor, you know I still haven't put up my Easter decor, guess that is next on my list. Your paper whites look great, always fun to see things grow and you are all set as far as seeds, you will have some pretty pictures to take soon :) Very cool to exchange on of your washcloths for two soaps! And yes I am so ready for spring, we just got an inch on Sunday, it was pretty coming down and it is almost all melted now but I am ready for warm, our lows have been freezing and I am ready for our normal temps back.

  17. You sure have some wonderful crushes, Debbie.
    And you have daffodils coming up??????
    We are still buried here, and will be even more so by the end of the week.
    Go away, March!!!!!

  18. Me!!! I am ready for Spring! You know I got a giggle out of the homemade soap! :-)

  19. Lots of good stuff here. I love your Easter decor & the pretty Paper Whites. Winter here was pretty mild so I can't complain although I am ready for some warmer (and drier) weather.

  20. I guess we are experiencing our winter for our spring. We are expecting snow maybe this weekend. It has been raining and or snowing for the past couple of days. In between the temperture goes up in to the high 50's for a few moments. It's all strange! I love your new Easter decor and the pretty Paper Whites. I thnk that I want to get a variety of flower seeds for a wild flower garden in an area in our yard. The soap looks lovely. Loved the photos and it did bring spring feeling to my heart.
    Loving thoughts and hugs for you!