Friday, March 30, 2018

Home Chef

I continue to receive 
meals, three per week.
Each meal is $ 10.00 per person...the total cost is $ 20.00 per night, 
they do not charge for shipping.
The meals are excellent.
The ingredients for each meal are stored in it's own separate sack.
All ingredients are pre-measured, 
and each meal includes a detailed recipe card, with step by step instructions.
Each week they offer about twelve meals to choose from,
so I have not had any trouble finding three meals that I know we will enjoy.

Here are some of the recent meals we have enjoyed...

Sunday Supper Pot Roast Steak
with Mashed Potatoes & Roasted Carrots and Peas

Tomato Cream Rigatoni with Grilled Cheese Croutons

Buttermilk-Ranch Chicken with Brown Sugar Carrots and Green Beans

Goat Cheese-Crusted Chicken with Crispy Potatoes & Carrots

Dublin Coddle with Sausage & Ciabatta Garlic Bread

Sicilian Chicken with Green Beans & Tomatoes Pizzaiola

Each meal requires some prep work and are usually ready in about 30 - 40 minutes.
The meats are outstanding, I have never tasted chicken that tasted so good.
The suggested cooking times are always perfect, they take all the guess work out.
This is a wonderful food plan if you are interested.

And once again I want to add that I am not receiving any compensation for these reviews.
I reviewed many of these plans before choosing Home Chef,
I am sure I choose right!


  1. Does this not take away from the sheer joy of creative cooking? The meals we prepare every night do not cost anywhere near $20.00 for two of us, especially healthy Asian stir fries and the like, or a couple of pieces of fish with oven roasted sweet potato fries and a salad, chicken breasts with a lemon mushroom sauce, and oven roasted vegetables. And I am always concerned with prepared foods about the amount of flavour enhancers that are included and that may not be disclosed to you, especially in the era of deregulation you now find yourselves in.

    1. this does not take away the joy of cooking, in fact, it adds to it. i can't express in words how much i have enjoyed this service. creative meals, fresh, healthy ingredients...nothing is "preprepared", you prepare everything yourself. all of the "ingredients" are shipped, right to your door and i often find the ingredients are fresher than those i get at the food store. everything is premeasured and there is no waste. also, i don't have to buy a whole bag of lemons or a entire bundle of an herb, when i am using just a small amount. many of the dishes use pine nuts, they are super expensive but just the right amount is included with the meal. the meats are pure, nothing is flavor enhanced and i have complete confidence in the ingredients i am using.

      i "may" be paying a little more, but it is so convenient, everything is super fresh and the recipes are amazing. it has brought some fun back in to the kitchen!! oh and it was super nice having these fresh meal ingredients shipped right to my door during a snowstorm!!!

    2. Then it works for you and that is all that counts!

  2. The meals look delicious as always. Great photography!

  3. Hello, the meals do all look delicious. My son and his girlfriend have been ordering from Home Chef too. Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend. Happy Easter to you and your family!

  4. They all look wonderful...thanks for sharing.

  5. Three wishes for you: Love, joy, prosperity. Happy Easter!

  6. They look wonderful Debbie, I am sure its nice to have someone else do the meal planning.
    Right now I am cooking 12 so I would love it if someone else was planning. :) Have a lovely weekend.

  7. I bet my hubby would just love these but I am a very picky eater, I like most of my vegetables raw, but the older I get the more I think not having to do that grocery shopping would be well worth it :)

  8. I'd wondered if you were still doing that; wow all the meals looks really good!


  9. The meals do look very nice ...
    Great photography again Debbie.

    All the best Jan

  10. Those look awesome! I'm glad this had worked out so well for you.

  11. I continue to love your posts on these meals. I truely want to try them sometime when my husband and I don't have children here visiting. I have one daughtter and family living here and then another daughter and family here for two weeks. There will be a total of 12 in our home. Thus no delicious looking meals like this for us. Blessings and hugs!

  12. I very much like your pattern it's beautiful,thank for sharing good i dea !