Saturday, June 23, 2018

Saturday Critters ~ 236 ~

I needed pictures for today's Critter Post,
I only share "new" pictures here on my blog.
Often when I am taking pictures I think, why do I bother?
I already have some pretty good pictures of whatever bird I am photographing,
but I still do it, because I enjoy their company.

There is a certain amount of pleasure I derive from holding the camera in my hands,
watching the birds movements and listening to their song.
I never use a tripod.
For me, it is as much about the birds as it is about taking their picture.

Friday, I put out some sunflower seeds, fruit and jelly, I opened the window
and shared some special moments with my feathered friends.

Male Cardinal

Female Cardinal

American Robin

House Wren

Female House Finch

Male House Finch

Blue Jay
Looking quite disappointed with my spread - he prefers peanuts but I'm out!

Mourning Dove

I have better pictures of the Gray Catbird but I liked this one of him enjoying the jelly.
I always think of my good friend Theresa in Texas when I see them, 
Hi T,
I miss you!

And Junior here just can't stay out of the action,
if you look closely, you can see some jelly in his tail feathers!

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  1. Great series of images of my feathered friends. May I point out, with great respect, that the Wren you depict is a House Wren not a Carolina Wren and the correct name of the Cat Bird is Grey (Gray for you) Catbird. In the name of the species Catbird is one word. You might perhaps be interested to know that it is a member of the same family as Northern Mockingbird, and like the mockingbird is an accomplished mimic.

    1. thanks david, i am certainly no bird aficionado, i am just a backyard birder. i will make those corrections!

    2. I was also going to say (but hit “send” before I did so) that I think that we all continue to take pictures of familiar species, because the next one might be the “perfect” shot. But even more importantly, I think that we always stand a chance of capturing important, or seldom observed behaviours, and that after all is what makes watching birds so enjoyable. Thanks for the pictures you contribute. It is always a joy to see even the most familiar species.

  2. I love every picture you post of our feathered friends. They are excellent photos. You capture their expressions with each shot!

  3. Awesome photos! The tail-less wren looks a bit pitiful (and likely a juvenile). I've only seen a catbird a time or two at the feeders here. Junior made me laugh!

  4. Well the first one it drop dead gorgeous and yet there is more. Love them all.

  5. Hello, your bird photos are always awesome. Well done. I love the look on the female Cardinal. Junior is a cutie too.
    Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. I appreciate your visit and comment too. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!

  6. Love the birds, especially those great portraits of the Cardinals
    Cute squirrel!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  7. Your feathered friends are lovely!
    The wren is particularly tender...
    Have a good weekend.

  8. Beautiful! You took great photos of those pretty birds. Reminded me I need to fill up the feeders today. Also, that squirrel is adorable. Mine were very noisy yesterday, chirping away like any bird. Fun to listen to along with the other bird song. Enjoy your weekend.

  9. More awesome photo's of your bird friends, Debbie! They're all so beautiful. :)


  10. You did a great job on covering the yard birds! I love sitting here in the morning with my coffee looking out to the Crepe Myrtle bush at the feeder and watching the birds. Lily seems to enjoy it also! haha

  11. What a wonderful selection here Debbie, I think my favourite is the Female Cardinal, she's enjoying that seed.
    So nice to remember Theresa in Texas - should she be looking in I send my good wishes.

    Enjoy the weekend

    All the best Jan

  12. I sometimes wonder why I keep taking pics of birds I've already photographed, but I'm always hopeful this shot will be better. Beautiful shots! Like the squirrel, too.

  13. Great photos. Looks like that was a baby Wren,cause I could see no tail.

  14. I agree! I've likely taken a hundred pictures of the same birds eating suet at my feeder! :-) It just feels good to capture that moment, again and again. Great shots, too, by the way!

  15. I love the shot of Junior!!!
    I keep taking photos of the same birds too. Why is that?

  16. Hi sweetheart! Miss you, too! :)

  17. Just like a squirrel they love to be included too!

  18. Debbie - I am envious of your shots - I just have not really endeavored to take bird pictures and so I relish those who do! I admit to being a bit worried about the female cardinal - she looks like she about to choke on that sunflower seed!

  19. Hola que fotos mas bonitas.
    te mando mi blog por si queres criticar.


  20. They are adorable, Debbie.
    Especially Junior. What a precious little guy!!

  21. I do love Junior and he is quite the personality. Your photos of the birds are lovely as always. I especially loved the difference between the Female and Male House Finch. It makes me smile that there is such a contrast. Blessings and hugs!

  22. That jelly is run a great critter cafe. I really enjoyed reading your description of what it means to take new pictures of the same familiar things (birds, scenery) and why we do it .... me too! Glad I scrolled back to catch up a bit now that we’re home again. This was really a do-not-miss post.