Thursday, June 21, 2018

Longwood Gardens...

- as you know, we are big fans of the gardens -
Our trip last week was to see the Illuminated Fountain Performance,
but we went early enough to stroll around and to see the Conservatory this time of year.
Everything was bright and beautiful.

This is the view walking in to the Conservatory,

everything is green and lush.

Gorgeous peach colored flower, unknown to me.

On this day, the Hibiscus stole the show...

There were several Bonsai Trees in full bloom,
the first two are Azaleas.

The Bell Tower was is both glorious to the ears and eyes.

These Luminaries were on display in an open grass area in the gardens.
We did not get back to see them lit, after the fountain show, 
we were anxious to start the trip home.
Longwood Gardens is a two hour drive for us, we will see them next time we visit!

Longwood Gardens is 1,083 acres outdoors and the Conservatory is 4 acres.
The gardens are handicapped accessible,
and provide scooters for those who need extra assistance.
A wonderful feature, as I would never be able to enjoy this spectacular place otherwise.



  1. thanks for stopping by, and leaving a kind comment!!

  2. The bell tower with the ivy clinging to its walls looks wonderful - so much more interesting than the manicured area. The stone wall also looks organic and integrated into a natural whole.

  3. Spectacular photos Debbie. Hibiscus heaven.

  4. Those bonsai azaleas are out of this world!!

  5. What a cool place. LOVE THAT BELL TOWER! That would be the most awesome place for individual pics of folks., beautiful.

  6. Beautiful pictures I love the bonsai

  7. I'm a big fan of this place and I've never been there! Just vicariously through your photos! LOL! The Bonsai trees are pretty awesome! I didn't realize how big the place is...that's a lot of acreage!

  8. Amazing pictures.I have never seen a white Hibiscus,but it certainly is a lovely as the coloured ones.

  9. That place is so beautiful. Love all your pictures, you are so very good with your new camera!! Love all the colors and the flowers. Y'all have so many interesting and fun places up there!!!
    PS That bell tower if so so so cool looking!

  10. Such a lovely selection of photographs.
    It is an amazing place.

    All the best Jan

  11. WOW, WOW, WOW. You had me from the first shot! I don't think I have ever seen blooming bonsai trees - I lead a sheltered life, you understand! Thanks for sharing these lush summer scenes!

  12. Wow, I really loved all these photos. The flowers, trees, green lush gardens and the Bonsai trees are spectacular. I would love one of them.
    I loved the bell tower too. This does look like a magnificent place to visit. The luminaries would be fun to see lit.
    Big hugs for this one!