Friday, June 29, 2018

Lake George...

There's always a kink or two in the armor,
don't you find that...especially when you are on vacation.

There was the kayaking incident, 
yes - let me tell you about the kayaking incident.
The nice "very young man" who loaded us in to our kayaks gave us some great tips,
tips I was sure we didn't need.
I'm like "we have done this before - we aren't novices".
He gave us the cliff notes, 
told us to stay right always - and to follow the path around the island we were on.
Of course I asked how long, he said 
"us guys do it in about 20 minutes, it should take you two 40 minutes, TOPS".
He pushed us in to the water and we were all smiles!
He never mentioned, and we never noticed all the boats and jet ski's on the lake,
creating some pretty choppy water.
We should have turned around, like the hubs said 100 times, but I am stubborn,
yes I am and I wanted to take the 20 minute ride around the island.
My kayak had a mind of it's own, I was ready to kill the husband for his loving advice,
and my hands were red and swollen from hitting the kayak.
Worst of all, I was going in circles!
As you have probably already figured out, after 2 hours, I had to be rescued, 
- how humiliating -
BUT, there is a silver lining...
my rescuer was so cute and so very kind, 
he got a good laugh when I told him I was glad I had shaved my legs that day.
Long story, very long, 
if you visit The Sagamore, don't believe a word the kayak boys tell you!

There where a few other funny stories, 
we ate in the wrong restaurant and froze our butts off, 
they need better signage at this hotel.

Then there was the "making s'mores incident"...
the little guy running around with a stick, with half a hot marshmallow on it.
You guessed it, smack dab into my favorite "new" white shirt.
That's interesting, sticky and difficult to remove.

The hubs had fun though and made me the perfect s'more.

There's more, but I think I will leave it at that...
we had a wonderful time and for obvious reasons, there is no picture of me in the kayak!


  1. Yes, it is always a very good thing to shave one's just don't know do you. =) I am giggling as I read this fun post of 'The Perils of Debbie"....too funny. Wish oh wish I could see you in the kayak. You know, these 'funny' things that happen in life always make for the best stories. So enjoyed this post, albeit at your expense. =) Why, I want to read more!!

    1. awwww, it is funny to look back on!! but i almost killed the hubs- constantly telling me what to do and then shouting "that a girl"....

  2. Bless your heart! I'm so sorry about the misadventures of your trip but you still seem to make it all sound so charming! I think you are very brave to kayak!

    1. hehehe...i don't usually write such long stories BUT this needed to be included in the adventures of this trip!!

  3. Oh Debbie. I’d have been with you, hours later needing to be rescued. Glad you got back safely. Love your sense of humour too.

  4. Hello, I am glad all these incidents are things you can laugh about now and nothing serious happened. You are brave to go kayaking, I do not like choppy water. The s'mores sound yummy, just not on your shirt. Happy Friday, enjoy your day and weekend!

  5. Oh my! I've never thought I was strong enough to get in a kayak or a canoe. I'm sure I would love it at first though! Glad you had good people that helped you. Funny stories....well, funny to all of us! Sorry! lol Hugs!

  6. ahhhh, and I really wanted to see you finally getting out of that kayak.

  7. You are a brave little soul, I wouldn't think of getting in a kayak and I loved your story but as sure it wasn't that funny at the time. Love the s'mores picture but sorry about your shirt.

  8. I am disappointed, girl!! No pictures of the kayak circling, or your rescuer or anything. I will give it to you... you went where I would not dare go. So admiration from this corner.

  9. "that a girl" hahahaha I'm sorry, Debbie, but that's funny! Glad you weren't hurt too badly though, and your rescuer was cute. LOLOL

    Love ya!

  10. Yes there is always something that will go wrong! But, I would say a good S'more would help make it all right! Sorry but glad you were not hurt.

  11. Thank God you were rescued! And more importantly, that you had shaved your legs!

  12. I can TOTALLY hear your voice telling this story as I read it!!!!!!!! OMG. So glad at least the kayak rescuer was cute :) and CHuck looks like a giant kid making s'mores. Too cute.

  13. Oh, this is too funny - but I'm sure you weren't laughing at the time! I've never been kayaking, but I know I would need to be rescued, too. Glad that it was only your blouse that got the stick - my goodness - that could have been much worse. Too bad about your pretty blouse, though. Scrolled down to see the amazing place you stayed at. So beautiful! Happy Anniversary you two love-birds! xo Karen

  14. I Love a good chuckle. Keep the stories coming!

  15. Well, I'm sure you weren't laughing at the time …
    But it's certainly made me laugh :)

    All the best Jan

  16. Glad to hear you made it back to shore safely! We have been there - My husband wants a kayak - but me - i will watch from the sideline!

  17. Well,let me just say, you did much better than I would. I would never get into one of those kayaks.You see,I'm safer on solid ground and sometimes even that's debatable.

  18. LOL! As a former kayak fisherman, I can understand your predicament! I'm glad nothing bad happened like capsizing or getting run over by a jet ski. Being stubborn sometimes has its downsides. :-) I like their big fire pit!

  19. A cutting edge adventure for sure!

  20. Good thing you have a sense of humor!

  21. Oh wow, I am never going into a kayak!!!

  22. Oh my, I am smiling and laughing a bit on this one, This is a journal moment to record for sure. I would have loved the photos. At least you were rescued and safe. Thanks for the smiles today; you do know how to write a good story.
    Blessings and hugs!

  23. I'm so glad so so glad I read this. Laughing with you not at you believe me! Because Kayaks and I didn't agree either .... I thought it would be so fun in Florida after we went out a couple of times, but both those times we went in tandem kayaks and thought I was doing my part. But when I tried it on my own, I found myself going in circles .... I never blogged about it because I'm not as good a writer as you are.... thanks (I think) for the memories (and at least you didn't have to worry about alligators if you'd tipped the boat over ;>)

  24. Oh goodness - how did I miss this post!?!?! You've got a great sense of humor and ability to laugh! I enjoy kayaking, but have a feeling I would have needed rescuing, also. Oh gee, and that s'mores incident...