Friday, June 8, 2018

We Have A New Swimming Hole

This picture was taken many years ago, I don't know when, 10 years ago or maybe more.
For at least 20 years, while our boys were growing up,
we used this pool every day during the summer.
It's a big pool 20 x 42, 
awesome for a family of four that hosted lots of parties
had a lot of company, it was a great hangout for the neighborhood kids.

About five years ago, maybe more, we stopped opening it.
It was a lot of work, it was costly to open/close and maintain,
and we found we were not using it that much.
When we did go for a "swim", it was more like a "scrub".
Scrub the steps, scrub the liner at the water line, 
fill the chlorinator, empty the skimmers and 
push the "automatic" vacuum around because it never seemed to work right.
After that, it was time to clean the patio furniture,
which was usually covered with leaves and cobwebs.

You get where I'm going...
it was $ 500.00 to open, $ 500.00 to close and probably more then that to maintain it,
with just the cost of the electric and chlorine.
Taking all that into consideration, 
the hubs figured it was costing us at least $ 100.00 per swim and we weren't even swimming.

So it stayed closed and we were happy.
But the cover starting ripping and the weeds started growing through the holes.
There had to be at least 10 or 12 rips in the cover and the weeds began to look like trees.
All the brick pavers around the pool were uneven and had weeds growing out of the cracks.
We though about filling it in but for several reasons, we decided against that.
Our only choice was to replace everything...

Here's how it looked on May 2nd...everything gone, including the filter.

here is how it looks today, better, but far from done.
I really like the new liner.

We went with stamped concrete this time and I love like how it looks.
They still have to apply two final coats on top of this, an antique tint and sealer,
then the ladders can go back in.

Also, still to be done, is a small retaining wall/edge that goes around the perimeter.

Here's a picture tutorial on how they stamp the concrete...

All of the concrete had to be wheeled from the front yard to the back yard.
I kind of LOVED the wheelbarrows all lined up!

They use those mats to make the pattern in the concrete, it's fascinating.
They were so organized and so methodical, you could tell this was not their first rodeo.


  1. Hello, your pool and view are just beautiful. It is interesting to see how they use the mats to make the pattern. Happy Friday, enjoy your day and weekend!

  2. No more weeds growing up through the blocks. Beautiful job! Happy swimming!

  3. Oh wow....look at your view!! I didn't realise you had such an amazing view. What a fabulous pool; now it looks better than ever...just in time for Summer.

  4. Gorgeous, Debbie! For a second there, I as afraid y'all would fill it in! I bet your little nieces love coming over to swim! :)


    1. yes of the reasons we decided to leave it open!!

  5. Wow the pool is beautiful but the gorgeous!! I found the same thing with the workers that did our pool, everyone knew just what to do and they didn't miss a step. Happy for you that is done and you like it.

  6. It's good to hire experienced cowboys.

    looks nice

  7. Really love the stamped look. It all looks so inviting. Yes, I do know it cost a lot to maintain esp if you are not using it. Me...If I had someone to help keep it up I would love to have one in the backyard. I think I would grab a book a chair float and go for it. My yard however will not handle that since it is so shaded with trees and i would not want to be out there picking leaves out! haha...I am all about my life being as simple as possible. Heck up till this yr I paid to have my yard cut so I did not have to do it. This yr however, my brother is working full time and he has his hands full with his and mom's yard so I started cutting mine again. Having 70 lbs off has helped a lot in that. I also get it done first thing in the morning and takes 30 mins......I can handle that but a pool...although I would love it, I would not be able to keep it up. You have a beautiful set up there, grab a book, grab a float and enjoy!

  8. Can I come for a dip in the pool???!!! It looks beautiful!

  9. Looks wonderful! I love your view!!

  10. That is about the prettiest watering hole I've ever seen. If I were closer, I'd pay to dive in! :)

  11. I thought for sure you were going to say you filled it all in for more lawn and flower gardens.

  12. It looks so inviting …
    Reading your comment above, your nieces are going to love it.

    Have a lovely weekend.

    All the best Jan

  13. Lovely pool but I have heard other pool owners complain about the cost of maintaining one.

  14. Beautiful! and the view beyond, also! We had a nice pool when our girls were growing up - we loved it, and always knew where our kids were because all their friends would come over. Then as they went off to college, we used it less - and then we moved - problem solved (for the pool part - I still really loved that house...) Your patio looks like a beautiful place to sit and just enjoy being near the water. Even without getting in to swim, there's still something so relaxing about it.

  15. Debbie, this is absolutely gorgeous!!

  16. I would love to have a pool, it is so much easier on my knees than anything else. It looks so modern, love the pattern in the cement, that is so cool how they do that :) Hope you guys get out there and enjoy it a little more.

  17. The makeover is looking beautiful! Cost aside, it must be really nice having a pool to use in the heat of summer.