Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Yarn Along

We were away for a few days, 
this week was more about having fun than knitting, lucky me!!

The Gallatin Scarf 
with yarn by Backyard Fiberworks is still on my needles.
I worked primarily on this this past week and have made great progress.
It is bigger than the round knitting needle I am working on,
so it does not lay beautifully flat right now,
it will when it is done.

Here's a close-up of the lace work...
So far, so good...I can't make a mistake knitting this part of the pattern...
I have no idea how to fix lace knitting.
That would require a text to poor Leanne, who always helps me when I am in distress,
I have not had to text her in a while!

I must add that I love this piece and the color,
I might make another one for me.

I am still working on the blue 
Chevron Baby Blanket
I started this blanket on June 6th and I am on the home stretch,
4 blocks of color = 40 rows to go.
This pattern is free on Ravelry, 
I am working with Berroco Vintage Yarn, which I love knitting with.

- and can you believe it, I know someone who is pregnant - 
so now I am covered, boy or girl!

And I am so thrilled to have this to look forward to...and no, it's not me!!
* hehehehe *


  1. Lol. Beautiful work Debbie. You have become a great knitter.

  2. Such a pretty color! I can't wait to hear all about your trip. And hopefully you can give me some pointers before I go! :) Miss you!!

    1. awwww, yes, first aware of the kayaking boys, they don't tell the truth. there is a path they recommend you take. they said, 20 minutes for them, 40 minutes for us. 2 hours later, i had to be rescued. they are very handsome, really cute but they are way off on their guess-tamations. don't believe a word they say!!! hehehehe

      i miss you too - is baseball over??

  3. LOVE the color of the first one. You're doing a great job, Debbie. :)


  4. I do love that baby blanket. I just found one on Ravelry that uses bobble stitches (crochet) to spell our words.
    Downloaded that and cannot wait to get started. BUT--have to finish the afghan for my new grandson-in-law first.
    He's 6'5" so it is taking quite a long time. :-)

  5. Your work is exquisite and anyone who is lucky enough to get one of your creations is very blessed indeed. HUGS B

  6. Hello, the scarf will be lovely. I like the color. The blanket is pretty too. I am looking forward to seeing your trip photos.
    Have a happy day!

  7. Love the baby blanket! And that scarf is so lovely-- you make such pretty things-- lucky whoever receives these treasures!

  8. I have a feeling those youngens whom know you would be having babies just to receive one of your pretty chevron blankets. =) Loving your scarf and pink hydrangeas....just gorgeous!

  9. Both items are so beautifully crafted. I always enjoy your selection of yarns...especially the colors!

  10. That scarf looks so beautiful and the color is perfect.

  11. Just love the colour of that scarf

    All the best Jan

  12. Oh I love how that is coming out and I do like the colors, I can see why you would want one for yourself. That is great you will be ready for whatever baby will be coming next :)

  13. I really love the scarf you are making and I hope you make one for yourself. You would look lovely in it. The baby blanket is lovely and I think it is fun that you have one for a boy and girl. You are getting so good at this. I would say the knitting looks professional to me.
    Blessings and hugs!

  14. Perfect timing for this beautiful blanket, Debbie!
    I just love the blues, and the scarf??
    It is absolutely gorgeous!