Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Yarn Along

First things first...can we please talk about all that beautiful sunshine,
coming in from the skylight illuminating my new baby blanket.

After all the rain, 
the sun came out and the temperatures have been lingering in the 60's.
The hydrangeas are in bloom and the daylilies have opened up 
and life here on the river has been awesome.

I started this boy Chevron Baby Blanket on June 6th.
I have memorized this simple pattern and the knitting has become very easy...
- easy like Sunday mornings -
I continue to memorialize all of my knitting projects in that cute little book.
- live a life you love -


  1. "Live a Life you Love"....excellent advice, Debbie. Gorgeous blanket; love those gorgeous hues of blue..AND...a Hydrangea no less, how beautiful!

    1. words to live by!! and my hydrangeas in the garden...gorgeous. you will be seeing a lot more of those here on the blog!!

  2. Hello, these are lovely colors and will make a beautiful blanket. I am happy to see sunshine too! Happy Wednesday, enjoy your day!

  3. You are quite an awesome knitter, Debbie. That's beautiful! :)


  4. I love the baby blanket, Debbie and just look at you... awesome photo staging!!

  5. Hello Debbie!
    Life is simply there. You have to sail with him.
    Your work is perfect.
    Lilacs and hortens are favorites in the garden.
    Hugs and greetings.

  6. Sorry!
    It was supposed to be: the daylilies
    no: Lilacs

  7. What a great book for recording your projects. So appropriate!

  8. Love the paternin your knitting Debbie. Hope you are having a good week.

  9. Very, very pretty and perfect colors again. I wish I had half of your talent, my friend.

  10. Your knitting is beautiful! What a lucky little boy. I absolutely adore your notebook, too. I think I’ve seen it on your blog before (?) it would be fun to record just about anything in.

  11. That’s so pretty Debbie, and love the book idea.

  12. Just lovely Debbie, well done.

    All the best Jan

  13. You are putting me to shame, I think I did about 5 rows on the one I have started...thank goodness I have till Oct. And I don't do anything this fancy, I never learned this.

  14. The colors you have chosen for this one are really beautiful, Debbie!

  15. I do think you live a life you love and I love that you share it with us. You are amazing woman.I really like the colors of your baby boy blanket. You do such lovely knitting work.
    Loving thoughts and hugs for you!

  16. It always feels so good to have the sunshine after so many days of rain, your blanket looks great. That's nice that you have got the pattern down so you can relax while knitting :) The flowers are lovely and those temps sound great too! It is too hot here, we hit the upper 90's with heat index in the upper 100's, not a fun walk this morning.