Sunday, November 5, 2017

Searching For Autumn

Some days, it feels like Autumn, the air is cool and crisp, 
the gentle breezes smell like leaves.
if felt like Summer, it was sunny and 75 degrees.
We have had some cold nights when we needed the heat indoors.
We have also used the air conditioning during this past October.
True story 
- the weather has been all over the place -

And here's a peak at one of the trees in my back yard...

I took this picture yesterday...
it is just starting to show little highlights of yellow.
All of my trees look like this...and it's November!

And I must admit the yellow is not as pretty as it usually is.
The leaves have dark brown spots,
they have not turned the vibrant yellow that they usually do.
Maybe due to the lack of rain...

I have piles like this all over the yard, maybe they are falling and then turning color.

So...long story, even longer, that is why we went searching for Autumn.

We found this pretty spot, by Trump's Golf Course in Colt's Neck...

Bright reds, pretty oranges...

and highlights of soft yellows.

We found a few pretty spots, but what we really found was
either the leaves were still green, like mine - or...all of the leaves were on the ground.
We have one spot that we really love to visit during Fall,
we went there and every tree was bare, 
we had missed it.

So we went for a burger and fries, and it was so warm, we were able to sit outside.

These burgers don't look awesome, they just taste awesome!

This tree was my view at Delicious Orchard 
while eating that yummy burger,
the yukon gold french fries and those extra crispy onion rings!!


  1. Amazing fall colors and delicious food. What could you ask more for?

    Mersad Donko Photography

  2. Hello Debbie!
    Trees in autumn look phenomenal.
    And the food looks delicious.
    Greetings from autumn, sunny Poland.

  3. We had a dry summer as well which affected the potato harvest. That's a big deal here on this potato island.

    Debbie, you captured the beauty of the season in spite of the changing nature of the season.

    The burger outside looks and sounds wonderful.

  4. I love the way your explorations also involve good food with beautiful scenery! Autumn leaves were pretty disappointing this year, in my neck of the woods. We drove to a spot which a couple years ago was absolutely spectacular - I took my camera along and - meh... Oh well... Thanks for sharing your find - the reds and oranges were worth the trip (oh, and the hamburger too!)

  5. Our leaves are all gone, and were not as beautiful as usual.

    You found some lovely ones!

    Oh those extra crispy fried onion rings! Mmmmm.... But... Not good for our 'innards.' ,-)

    Cool, damp, downright cold at night, no leaves... No-vember! Have to have lots of lights on!!!!! :-)

    Luna Crone

  6. You captured Fall in all its glory Debbie, including the burger and the French fries ;)

  7. I love this time of year and the wonderful colours it can bring.
    So nice to be out in the Autumn sunshine.

    All the best Jan

  8. The lunch looks great and so do the trees!

  9. You sure found some bright colours there! Fall has been subdued here, but it's certainly fall now, quite cool. I expect snow any day.

  10. I like your site and content. thanks for sharing the information keep updating, looking forward for more posts.

  11. Looks like you still found some beautiful Colour. The food looks amazing.Nothing beats a good burger with fries and onion rings.

  12. In search of fall.....not much here in Texas!! Some yellows but more the faded kind. In the 90's here today and I am yearning for chilly weather!!! Those days are few and far between for us.....
    Such gorgeous photos - as usual!

  13. Wow, those trees are pretty and the red/orange ones are so bright and pretty. Oh my!--I do love onion rings, those look great!

  14. Those onion rings have my mouth watering! The leaves are oh so beautiful!

  15. It does look so beautiful and your meal is making me feel hungry! The leaves have almost all fallen off our trees in our garden. It is sooo chilly!!
    Have a wonderful warm week :)

  16. A lovely day out. Beautiful trees and leaves... lol, even if they are a bit confused. Our weather's been a little bit on the odd side too :D) xx

  17. the color is about the same around here also, I wonder if the color was so pretty at the golf course because they water them a lot. We have had the same around here, trees in the yards were a lot more colorful than at the parks. Sorry you missed your favorite spot but to have a lunch outside this time of year is always a nice thing. We had really hot weather yesterday also, so humid too. Love your pics with the sun shining through the orange leaves!!

  18. The weather has turned here with most nights now dipping below freezing. And there are too many completely bare trees. Ugh.

  19. Oh my gosh now my mouth is watering for a Cheeseburger, fries and a shake. This is not fair; I am trying to get a little weight off before we go to Hawaii in December.
    Our leaves here are about the same. Lots of brown edges and etc. Most of the leaves on the trees have dropped to the ground and now we need to rake. Really that isn't one of my favorite things to do.
    The fall leaf photos you took are brilliant. I loved the vibrant colors. I'm sure one or two are heading for a great graphic. Thank you very much!
    Sending loving thoughts and hugs!

  20. Glad you found some autumn colors, those orange leaves are so bright and cheery. Oh and I want that Hamburger and Onion rings.

  21. Beautiful colors! I hate drab autumns. I'd be all over those onion rings!