Monday, November 13, 2017

Jenkinson's Aquarium...

This cute little aquarium is only 10 minutes from home,
located right on the boardwalk in
Point Pleasant, NJ
Recently renovated...they pack a lot of fun into this 
small, beautiful, well maintained aquarium. 

Ya' gotta' be tall and skinny to fit into this squishy suit,
I am neither!

The penguins were adorable, some were extra fluffy.
The young attendant told us those penguins were molting.

There were a lot of fish in the large tanks downstairs...
these sharks and fish are in two story tanks.

The downstairs has this well decorated ship wreck.
I took this picture from upstairs.

Pretty fish, difficult to photograph.

I'll share the upstairs displays tomorrow!


  1. Love the colours! Great job on the photos, Debbie. Gotta love the penguins.

  2. Hello, Debbie! It is awesome you have this cool Aquarium so close to home. I love the fish and the penguins are adorable. I like the crab on the wall too. Wonderful photos! Enjoy your day and new week!

  3. The penguins are very cute! Always a favorite! Nice job with the sharks and fish! Photographing stuff behind glass isn't easy.

  4. Love that driftwood crab! I love to go to these places but you never can really capture how beautiful and serene it is.

  5. What a nice place to visit. I like how clean every thing is and how pretty. Lovely photos Debbie.

  6. That must be a big place!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I love the welcoming penguin! And, you got some really good shots of the fish, Debbie.

  8. Terrific shots Debbie. Love you two in the diving suits.

  9. I love aquariums! Such beautiful pictures!

  10. Looks like a fun day! Love that driftwood crab and all the pretty sea creatures. Cute photos of you two scuba-divers! x Karen

  11. Another fun trip with you! Thanks for taking me a long. I love that crab. So clever!

  12. How very, very cool!!
    You look so cute in that diver's suit. Might want to start carrying a step stool with ya for those photos. LOL

  13. Great pictures! A challenge with the indoor lighting and water!

  14. I do like places like these.
    Don't you both look good in your diver's suit!

    All the best Jan

  15. LOVE! Such a great place to visit!


  16. Wow, even your hard to photograph pictures are awesome. Loved the seal photos and the fish ones were awesome too. This looks like such a great Aquarium to visit and the fact is so close is great. We actually have a new one not far from us that we need to visit. Maybe we will plan a visit soon and I will share some photos.
    Another fun adventure for you two. I loved you both in the squishy suits; way cute! Hugs~

  17. This certainly looks like a well maintained Aquarium Debbie. A good place to have a little ramble through and take some pics... you did well getting those underwater shots :D)