Saturday, November 11, 2017

Saturday Critters ~ 204 ~

It's been a quiet week here in the purple dwelling, lot's of "at home" time.
Yesterday, the hubs and I went for a ride in the car, which proved to be quite fruitful!
The camera came along, of course...
because there is always so much to see and photograph in these parts.
I can't imagine living anywhere else, or not living by the sea shore.
Driving through Manasquan, we stopped at the inlet where we had our first date.
We sat there for hours on that night, 
talking and getting to know each other better.

As we drove back toward home and the rickety bridge, 
I caught sight of some beautiful landscapes,
and I knew I wanted to take pictures.

And just like that, the red lights started to flash and the rickety old bridge opened.
Now, I would have all the time in the world to walk around and take as many pictures as I wanted.

This bridge crosses over, you guessed it, Debbie's Creek.

These are Brant Geese, they migrate here every year and stay for the winter.

The skies were dark and cloudy on one side of the bridge...

and bright blue on the other.
It was a beautiful day!

The Brant Geese have short necks, small heads and small bills.

The otherwise black neck has a series of white striations called the necklace.
Both sexes are identical in plumage. 
The only difference, the males necklace is bigger than the females.

Parents are bonded for life and both male and female tend to the nest, 
and take care of the young.

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  1. Loving your pics. Beautiful, that water is such a beautiful blue!! And Debbie's creek....haha, I don't have a creek named after me (in my thoughts).....I have a creek next to my house, maybe I should name it Pam's Place .....haha

  2. Such a pretty place and Debbie's creek..who knew:)

  3. Great collection of shots. Kudos. Have a great weekend.

  4. You had a nice bright day with very good sky colour.

  5. How wonderful to have a beautiful creek named after you!!! Lovely photos.
    Have an amazing weekend :)

  6. Hello, Debbie! Your timing was perfect. Your landscape shots and skies look beautiful. I love the cute Brant Geese! Wonderful series of photos. It is cold today, stay warm. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!

  7. LUCK!!!!!!

    Simply gorgeous photos!!!!!

  8. Wow! What a place and wonderful photography of the place and ducks ~ ^_^

    Happy Weekend,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  9. Wow!!! Chalk that down as a perfect day in an amazingly gorgeous place. Thanks for sharing . . . wish I was there, LOL.
    Connie :)

  10. All I can say, feel is glorious views, and you are very lucky. What an incredible place to call home.

  11. What a beautiful place. That is amazing that the sky was cloudy on one side and such a brilliant blue on the other.

  12. The colors of your photos are amazing! These would make such beautiful notecards. Enjoy your weekend!

  13. That is just beautiful Debbie, Did you ever see the second movie of Sabrina? It reminds me of that place that the gal was taking pictures of in that movie.
    What a fun place to go visit. I also like that it was the place you and Chuck went on a first date. That is a bit of nice history. I like those ducks too, I don't know if I have ever seen that kind before.

  14. Oh what a beauutiful little piece of the world you live in. I envy those water views..just awesome. Have a great day!

  15. The colours are glorious, Debbie!. The geese are so different from Canada geese. Great post!

  16. You once again got some wonderful pictures.Isn't it interesting how something like the bridge opening, would frustrate some folks, but you saw it as a chance to get pictures.That's just how we photographers think.

  17. You mean you live on Debbie's Creek!?!?

  18. Inspiration comes from many sources, Debbie and to think, you have found your OWN CREEK!!!...:)JP

  19. Absolutely beautiful photos! The blues are just vibrant! So many great things to see on your drive!

  20. Amazing landscapes. I guess you and your camera had the very best of times, capturing these gorgeous photos. Love those houses by the seashore. How sweet the Brant Geese are bonded for life.

  21. Wow! Gorgeous! Talk about some awesome blue! I've never seen Brants in person. Very handsome geese!

  22. How wonderful to revisit where you had your first date, that is a very lovely area and so neat that you were able to get pictures while the bridge was up. Such great pictures of the birds and so neat that they both tend to their family together :)

  23. Your photo's are so lovely, and how nice to revisit where you had your first date - wonderful to have a creek named after you!

    All the best Jan

  24. I knew you were famous, but had no idea a waterway was named after you. Cool! :)


  25. What a beautiful place this is, Debbie!
    You are so fortunate to live so close to the ocean.

  26. Oh my dear friend, the photos today are fantastic as always. This is a place I would love to see and photograph. I enjoyed learning about the Brant Geese. They really are quite different. We have some geese across the street from us and these really are quite different. We have a white one that is quite old and clearly rules over the rest. There are three othes that look more a like. Our neighbor has named them all. It’s fun to watch them strut around. I have taken some photos and posted them but that has been quite a while ago.
    I loved learning that they are male and female for life and take care of their young. I love the pattern of creations.
    Blessings and hugs!