Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Yarn Along

We will have to talk about the Guernsey Wrap again because I did not finish it.
I have a really good excuse, 
- I have been "under the weather" = "slightly unwell" -
and my health got in the way.

I am 60 rows away from finishing and I am starting to get really excited.
Can you see how small my ball of yarn is?
Happy Dance!!

And just to add a little something new here,
 in case you are tired of reading about the Guernsey Wrap...
I purchased this book recently,
 to keep track of my knitting.

"live a life you love"

I had been keeping track of things on small pieces of paper, 
post it's and other scraps of paper, 
but I wanted a book to keep notes in so I can remember when I get old.
And even for now, 
because I am a write it down, make a list, organized kind of person.
- Plus, truth be told - 
I can't really remember who has a hat!

And if you know will get a good chuckle at that last line,
because, you probably have a hat!


  1. Hello, Debbie.
    I hope you feel better soon. Take care, I am sure you will have time to finish the wrap. I like the cute note book, my memory is awful. Enjoy your turkey day! Happy Wednesday, enjoy your day!

  2. Gosh Debbie you must knit a lot of gifts!!!! I only manage to knit for myself with the occasional scarf as a gift. Sadly I wouldn't fill a book.
    Your wrap is looking gorgeous.
    Take care of yourself, hugs xx

  3. I do hope you feel better very soon my friend. I LOVE LOVE your wrap you are almost at the finish line and I have no doubt you will cross it soon, it is beautiful. Such detail I am impressed. I wish I had of kept track of my hats :). xo Hug B

  4. Sorry to hear you were laid up for a bit but glad you are back on the trail...I think you book is great!

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  6. Really hope the 'unwellness' is improving. (I refuse to call the 'unwellness'... "slightly.") -sigh-

    Excellent to have a place, to write down all your projects. Oh the bits-of-paper-here-and-there! Not the best method. -chuckle-

    Many gentle hugs, my Dear,
    Luna Crone

  7. Live a life you love...excellent!

    Feel better soon, you beautiful knitter!

  8. So you like to make hats? heehee! They are fun to make, if I remember right. I don't crochet much any more and I never really learned to knit properly. LOVE that journal. I write in one just about every day! I hope you feel much better today. I'm praying for you! Hugs, Diane

  9. Mucho ánimo, y a recuperarte pronto 🙅 Debbie. I wish you recover soon. You have little left to finish your knitting work that is remaining beautiful.
    Magazines teach and help a lot.
    Good wednesday.

  10. Keep knitting! I love it. You are Kicking Butt.

    xoxo Andrea @ This Knitted Life

  11. Really, really beautiful! I do hope you are feeling better very soon!

  12. I know you must be getting excited to finish it. Love it...beautiful job! Hope you are feeling better now....Happy THanksgiving to you and yours.

  13. So sorry to hear you haven't been feeling well, hope you will be feeling much better soon... I can only imagine how excited you are getting since it is so close to being done. I too have a couple books to keep things organized, I am having a bit of trouble remembering things also, and always nice to know right where to go, when you need a memory boost :)

  14. Oh, my dear friend, I do hope you will be feeling better soon. That wrap is so lovely and I know how much you want to get it finished. I do Know you like to be organized so getting the book is such a good idea. I think I should do something like this because I have a struggle remembering things at times too.
    Wishing for you a wonderful Thanksgiving Celebration! Have a nice relaxing day~ Sending prayers, love and hugs your way!

  15. I love the quote "Live the Life you Love"!! Love, love, love your Guernsey Wrap. I hope you are feeling okay. Enjoy a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration, lovely lady.

  16. Your excuse is so justified dear Debbie as changing weathers always drop so many such excuses with minor health problems.
    hope you are feeling better now my friend and soon this LOVELY warp will appear around your neck:)

    very interesting addition to the post!
    LOVED the title of book and i am also at your side , people around me know this quite well and thankfully i am forgiven for my forgetfulness often

  17. Sorry about you not well but glad you are ok now.

    Wishing a happy thanksgiving to you and yours!

  18. I am sorry you've not been feeling well, Debbie, and I truly hope you are feeling much better real soon.
    I know that I've said this so many times, but the wrap is just gorgeous!

  19. Your wrap is looking so good.
    Please take care of yourself ...

    All the best Jan