Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Jenkinson's Aquarium...Part II

Luseal, a harbor seal, was upstairs at the aquarium, making the upstairs my favorite part.
She has a lovely, two story tank that she calls home.

Luseal, also known as Lucy, came to the aquarium in 1991.
Injured in the wild and blind in both eyes, she cannot be released back to the sea.
She comes out of the water for feeding and play time and seems well adjusted and happy.

There were 3 Macaws, Poncho, Bluebeard and Scarlet 
 - Louie is the Cockatoo -

This Touch Tank is quite nice for the little ones...

they had lot's of snakes, turtles, frogs and even a Barred Owl on display.

Jenkinson's Aquarium, open year round...
And I got my souvenir penny for the memory jar...
a penguin, of course.

This is a nice colorful map of the aquarium, first floor and second floor.

Jenkinson's Boardwalk Est. 1927, I have been visiting this boardwalk since I was a youngin'. 
One of the perks of staying in the same place your entire life.
Us locals call it "Jenks"!!


  1. What a great result for the seal after such an injury. Our childhood haunts are the best, aren’t they?

  2. Hello, I am glad Lucy the seal has a safe and happy home in the aquarium. Cute photos. I love the birds too. They have a nice exhibit. Have a happy day.

  3. awwww, sweet, sweet Luseal. Just want to hug her.

  4. Oh that poor Dear blind seal!!!!! I am so happy she has a home, where she is cared for.

    This is a very nice story.

    To repeat, you have some lovely places, around your area. It is so neat, to make use of them. How often do people say... "Yes, it's here, but I never went to see it myself." -sigh-

    We all should take some time to think of local places, we never took the time to visit....

    Luna Crone

  5. I've never been to an aquariam but I be my grands would love it. Well we did make it to Sea World, but it was a super hot day and pretty miserable, so I don't remember much. I think I would like take a ride on one of those boats that take you out to see the dolphins or whales...that would be cool. I love that the seal has a home and is well taken care of- it would not have made it in the wild.

  6. I love that you get out and about to see and enjoy things so often...I need to start doing that and stop working in the house. I have projects going all the time and I need to get where I can enjoy my home and stop changing things.....Great pics....I enjoyed looking through them.

    1. i am at that point pam, i don't change anything in the house, even though here and there it needs a little updating. i have become tired of decorating and changing things. i keep things clean, tidy and organized and have become very content with things!!!

  7. Luseal (lol) - I’m glad she seems happy! I used to love to talk with the seals outside the NE Aquarium, but haven’t done that for a long time. :-)

  8. Luseal is a very clever name for a lovely seal. I really like her markings. She's got a really nice place to live. How fun!

  9. Luseal? I see what they did there. :-) What a sweet girl! It looks like a very fun aquarium.

  10. Aquariums are my very favourite places to visit. A myriad of beautiful colour abounds. Isn't Lucy sweet. How fun you have been visiting "Jenks" all your life.

  11. Luseal, that's lovely and so pleased she has such a good home.

    All the best Jan

  12. I love aquariums. this looks like a beautiful one. Luseal love her name.

  13. I love Luseals nane and im so glad they are taking good care of her! Do you know how old she is?

  14. You know when I hear about places like this that have taken in an animal that is blind and wouldn't live as well out in the world and have given it a good home that just makes me feel good about these places, Lucy looks like she has a great area to hang out in.

  15. Glad she is in safe hands dear Debby!

    this places is absolutely wonderful through your amazing photos!

  16. A beautiful place, Debbie. Now I must go and see the post before.

    I'm catching up today. :)


  17. I loved all the colorful photos of the Aquarium. You got some great shots of the Lucy the Seal. Sad that she is blind but sweet that she seems happy and well card for. I liked the birds. Many years ago we had a cockatoo; what a beautiful color.
    Always love your adventures! Sending hugs~

  18. Lucy is one lucky seal to be able to live there and be looked after like that.
    It was lovely being able to see these things, thanks Debbie xx