Monday, November 20, 2017

Christmas Wonderland!!

If you love Christmas, and who doesn't love Christmas...
you would really enjoy a walk though this Christmas Wonderland.
A local furniture store moves out all of their inventory to transform their shop into this...

All of the items are displayed so beautifully and everything displayed is for sale.
Even if you don't need anything, an hour or so, in this shop, is
Christmas heaven.

This is only half of the store, 
local crafters sell their handmade items on the other side of the store.
I didn't take pictures on that side.

They had this cute little truck out front...
and you know us...

A red scarf is a must when doing anything Christmasy!


  1. The gorgeous Christmas colours! Beautiful photos, Debbie.

  2. Wow! Now that store would get anyone in the mood. Love that little red truck and your red scarf!

  3. Hello, this Christmas wonderland is a wonderful place to visit. I love seeing all the decorations! The last two photos are cute. Happy Monday, enjoy your day and new week!

  4. So beautiful! This surely proves Christmas is one the way!
    The turquoise tree reminds me of the memory tree Hunter and I did for Ben.
    Hey - where's Rudolph? Did I miss him. :)


    1. boy sally...we can't get anything by you!! hehehehe

      i don't know and had not noticed!!!

  5. Normally I wouldn't enjoy all that but it was displayed so nicely and had so many different things that I did enjoy it and loved the Santa with the burlap coat!

  6. I'm so glad Dina and I agreed our house is FULL, so she can't buy any more cute stuff. haha

  7. Christmas is most definately on its way!!!!!
    Great photos and I love your red scarf!
    Enjoy your week :)

  8. What a marvelous thing, for this furniture store to do. What a super gift, to the community, and to their customers!

    Just a fantastic display!!!!!!!!!

    And if you need to get a piece of furniture,in the future, where are you going to look first???? Yes!!! Brilliant!

    Luna Crone
    P.S. I see the hubs has switched to long pants! -giggggles-

  9. So very festive. - Yes I'd enjoy that place for sure.

  10. Fun,fun,fun. I love walking through displays like that. I think my favourite are the turquoise or the white tree.

  11. What a great store - love the little village and those gorgeous trees. Cute selfies by the little truck - I want one! Happy Thanksgiving!

  12. WOW! Looks beautiful! No words to explain the beauty of the decorations for Christmas. Santa Claus looks super:)

  13. Another Christmas arrives and we will have to think about preparing.You're very handsomešŸ˜˜

  14. Oh yes, you are so right. I am a fan, not just of decorating and seeing all these lovely displays. but Christmas movies too, especially on the Hallmark station!

  15. I love Christmas!
    The children love Christmas!
    The grand-children love Christmas!

    I love all of your photo's

    All the best Jan

  16. That place is awesome! Beautifully decorated!

  17. This does indeed look like Christmas Heaven. I'm sure I would spend a lot of time in this store. I love Christmas. I really liked the tree decoratedin blue.
    Of course, you must have a red scraf to go along with Christmas, that cute red truck and that cute hubby of yours. Really loved this one!
    Biig hugs for this one!

  18. WOW! You guys go to the most amazing places!!!