Friday, March 17, 2017

This Is Not For The Boys...

This post is not for the boys who follow my blog.
Exit now, you won't get it and you will just think it is silly.
I am a proclaimed organizer, an organizing junkie, not a cleaning junkie,
there is a big difference.

After a, not really so long winter, 
I am still looking for spots in the house that could use a little makeover
or attention.
I have cleaned all the closets, those were cleaning projects as I keep them neat and organized,
before and after pictures would look just about the same.
One area in the house that needed attention, were the shelves in my office.

I wanted them to be "pretty" but functional...
I use everything on them, so they couldn't just be pretty.

The top shelf had stuff on it, the hubs took that stuff off before he left to run errands,
and before I took this picture.

Everything came off, that's the way to do it!
After cleaning everything and moving everything around...

after, it looked like this.
Prettier, less cluttered, more organized and more functional. 
My desk faces these shelves and this is much nicer to look at.
This project, did of course spill over to a few other areas...

The top of this piece got switched up some...

this shelf did as well with my scrapbooks and my blog books.
I had all 20 blog books on this shelf but that just looked awkward.
I moved 8 of them onto the office shelves and then moved them around here,
they look much better separated.
The blog books are the ones with the gray spines, all the other books are scrapbooks.
A few of my memory jars are center back.
This has become my "memory" shelf.

This cabinet was custom made for this space more than 30 years ago.
I would certainly design it differently if I were going to have it built today.
I have thought about painting it,
covering the mirrors in the back, but so far, 
those have only been thoughts.

My Winter projects are done and I am ready to hit my outdoor gardens.
Who else is done with all their Winter projects?


  1. I sure enjoyed a peek at your shelves and project! Your "before" didn't look bad at ALL to me, ha ha LOL But it does look very nice and orderly now you are done. Love seeing your collections!! What are all those little bears? Your china/glass birds are very pretty!---how many do you have? Do you have a "painted bunting"---that is a bird I've been on the lookout for here for several years now!!---have yet to spy one! What are blog books?? What is the pretty wedding thing on your desk there?--some type of a shadow box? It sure looks pretty, I think I see a wedding napkin and invitation and other sentimental things! I love things like this!(sorry for so many questions!)

  2. Don't you just feel good when you've had a bit of a sort out.
    I really enjoy it and find it almost therapeutic.

    Good job well done I'd say.

    Around here the lawnmowers are beginning to wake up after the winter rest !!!

    Happy Friday

    All the best Jan

  3. define, 'project.'

    Does taking a nap on the couch count?

  4. Great job. You must be a very patient human being. Very inspiring indeed.

  5. I have a few of the same Lenox porcelain birds. I gave most to my sister, but still have the Cardinal.
    I need to do this very thing as everything on my shelves is covered in dust!

  6. I LOVE everything about your home, Debbie!
    Would you and Chuck adopt me???
    Seriously, it's beautiful everywhere.
    I'm a little behind on Winter cleaning, and here it is almost Spring!


  7. I am on to spring projects now, spring cleaning as my mother called it. Closet are on my agenda this spring!

  8. It looks wonderful, Debbie, but then it looked pretty good to me to begin with. :-)
    Are those Care Bears that I see????
    Love, love, love Care Bears.

  9. Hmmmm..... we live in small paces on both coasts, so I just have to keep things organized as I go along. That's a good thing, because since it is like summer all year round for us, we really never have the kind of cold rainy days when it feels good to stay indoors and make things pretty. Most days, I just want to go outside and play... I try to spend a little bit of time each day cleaning/straightening. But sometimes I just blog instead ;>)

  10. Looks good. I got several projects done this winter, but still have some more that will likely wait for next winter.

  11. Everything looks fabulous, my friend! I had to smile when I saw the Beanie Babies. I have a huge tote filled to the brim with them. My Grandmother owned a toy store when I was a young girl so everytime a new one came out I had to have it {{smiles}}

    I am hoping to reorganize my home this coming's time! Hugs to you!

  12. My only winter project is not freezing to death. Came close to losing a few times but I"m still here

  13. We differ here, I am not an organize although I am trying since I am now retired and actually have the time to give it. A cleaner.....I was! Always, cleaning something until about 4 yrs ago when my fibromyalgia got worse. I have fought it for 11 yrs and with each yr it gets worse. My house usually stays out of sorts these days but like I said, I am trying to give it my all....all the way around. I hope to see my desk soon since my daughter is moving out and I will have that room again. Yours looks great. I love the white shelves and all in its place.

  14. Oh I went through slowly and thoroughly.

    This post is found not as silly as me.

    At least, no mushrooms were found.


  15. I'm commenting because if there's one thing you should already know about boys, if you want us to actually do something, tell us not to do it. :-) Nice job on the organization! Your home is beautiful!

  16. Well done, looks great... every year I say I am going to organize and clean my craft room, but every time I start I just end up finding something and end up playing instead of cleaning, I will have to say that room is the one I don't want to share cause it always looks like a tornado went through, but I read that makes for a happy creative person and that is what I am going with, LOL!
    Hope you have a great weekend!

  17. I am so impressed with your decorating skills. I love the photos of your decor, decorations, in your lovely home. Now you have excellent organizing skills too. I loved it all. I could use you right here at my home. I would hate to show my before pictures and yours are good and then really good with the do over. Thanks for sharing it all. I love that you have the blog books, scrapbooks and memories. I wish I had all my memories and writings organized. You are an inspiration.
    Sending loving thoughts and hugs your way!

  18. I'm so tired! I cannot anticipate any clean ups!!!

  19. Thank you for sharing this - I especially love the memory cabinet! Hmmm ... I think it's more spring cleaning here, and I've just started on it ... I actually have an idea for the corner clutter but am kind of in Jenn Jilks position... hmmm ....