Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Is There A Plumber In The House?

Yes - why yes there is!!
This is not a fun post - especially not for the hubs.
It is not a pretty post either... 
but heck it's winter and I am running out of blogging material
and the hubs deserves a post as he is so smart and such a big help around the house.

This story starts with the upstairs "commode" and a tiny wet spot I was feeling in the carpet.
It was only the size of a quarter, but each time I blotted it up, it came back.
I was sure the hubs had not noticed it and I didn't want to tell him.
That always leads to a huge repair and even a bigger mess.

But, I finally came clean and the rest of the story went exactly how I knew it would.

It wasn't long before that corner looked like this...

and "we" discovered the leak was indeed much bigger than it seemed!!

We did "research"...

and this is where the commode sat during the repair.

Him - Why are you taking pictures?
Me - I could use this for the blog!

It was all pretty gross...

but he "loves" any opportunity to use his power tools...

and before long it looked like this.

He cleaned up the entire mess, scrubbed everything and the next time I went upstairs,
everything looked perfect - and no wet spot.
Isn't he awesome!!

He's not really a plumber, he just plays one at our house!!


  1. He is awesome.

    I make everything worse...so best to call a professional in the Wheeler abode.

  2. Hello, your hubs is awesome. Very handy dandy indeed. Have a happy day!

  3. It's so nice that Chuck has many talents! Now, would you please send him here
    to fix the leak under our kitchen sink? LOL


  4. This is just great, and something my hubby just did again too!

  5. He is awesome and soooooo handsome!!!
    I didn't know his name is Chuck!! My Daddy's name and my Brother-in-Law's name.
    What a great name and soooooooo handsome.

  6. Your hero! Chuck saves the day again! I think most men love an excuse to use power tools!

  7. Anybody who can fix anything impresses me.

  8. Lovely to have a plumber in the house. We have to send for one when we have a problem ;)

  9. Talented man! Great job. Lucky you!

  10. Ron hates plumbing!! I am so glad you got it fixed and you didn't have to pull down the ceiling or anything.
    I am glad that was all you had to fix.
    I wonder why plumbing issues come up in the winter.
    I know the feeling, I am running out of blog fodder too.
    Have a lovely day Debbie.

  11. Lucky you, to have someone who will do these fix-ups.

  12. Yes, Chuck did deserve a whole post devoted to him after that! I like his query as to why you're taking pictures ... ha ha - all those blogging years and he had to ask !! Poor man, anyone would think he was busy ;D) Cheers to you both!

  13. That's why I prefer not to have carpet, you just don't know what lies underneath

  14. Bill is that kind of guy too and thank heavens -- we wouldn't have what we have if he had not successfullyl played plumber, electrician, and gosh knows what all over the years. But I have to say that plumbing is his least favorite fix job ... he is not a happy plumber no matter what tools he gets to use. Everything else, oh yes, just what you said! (Anyway, you and I are both lucky girls!)

  15. Debbie, I know this was probably a royal pain, but I ma laughing so hard right now that I have tears in my eyes.
    It's that photo of the hubs (#5). That look on his face is priceless!
    We had a plumbing issue a few weeks back too, but had to call a plumber (and on Saturday, at that!).
    Glad all is well now.
    What a guy that hubs is!!!!

  16. Your wonderful hubs is officially awesome!

    All the best Jan

  17. What a bonus, to have a handy hubby. Mine does dishes, after he brings me coffee, every morning!

  18. He certainly knows what he's doing.

  19. So great that he is so handy, glad he was able to get it fixed. I loved him asking why you were taking pictures :)

  20. Uh oh! Good thing he could fix it.

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  22. what wonderful sharing!!! enjoyed it thoroughly .
    loved the photos too specially one in which you hubby held his tool like a gun !

  23. LOL! Been there, done that! Not fun, but necessary. He did a good job! As usual.

  24. You are so blessed to have this talented hubby of yours. We had the same thing happen once, also. I hated it when I suspected that the commode was leaking. My dear husband had to get a little help on this one. He's not as talented in that area as your dear man. I thought you took some great photos of the project.
    Blessings for him and hugs for you!