Friday, March 31, 2017


You may have read this story before...
When the hubs and I go away, we each purchase a postcard...
he sends his to me, I send mine to him.
We write notes about our favorite part of the trip, 
and we mail them to each other, before we head home.

Yesterday our postcards came from our Washington's always a surprise,
because - well - most of the time we have forgotten all about them.

I made this cute little book to keep them in...
The front and back cover are wood, with postcards glued to them.
The binder rings on the side open, so I can always add to it.
The post about the making of this book can be found here.

We are getting quite the collection...

this is the back cover.

Short sweet notes to each other, this year I even had Cherry Blossom Stamps!!

If you take the occasional trip, you should really do this.
It is such a fun way to look back and remember the highlights of your trip,
ours always seem to involve food and restaurants!
Georgia Browns - the best southern cooking in Washington -
we go every time we are in the area, their fried chicken and sweet peach tea is to die for!


  1. Good morning, Debbie! You have the best ideas, very crafty. I like your cute postcard idea and the book. Wonderful memories of all your trips! Happy Friday, enjoy your day and weekend!

  2. Such a great idea, my crafty friend! Thank you for sharing!

  3. What a brilliant idea ...
    You must have so many wonderful memories from this trip and your others too ...

    Have a lovely Friday and good wishes for the weekend too.
    Can you believe it will be April tomorrow!

    All the best Jan

  4. Wish I would have thought to do this back when we were doing a lot of traveling.

  5. That's so sweet, and thoughtful. I love sweet peach tea also. :)


    When you get old, like me, you can read through them and remember all the fun!
    You are so clever!!!!

  7. Great idea, Debbie. They are precious. So you have always the memories at hand.
    Good weekend.

  8. What fun Debbie!! I am going to remember this when we go on a trip.

  9. (In one of my series, one of the characters is only referred to as Hubs)


  10. What a cute idea for the two of you to do. Simple, they don't take up a lot of space afterwards. I stopped buying knick knacks years ago. I do try to pic up a key ring from where I travel and a rock of course. I have a friend shows hubby travels, so when he goes on a trip he grabs me a key ring. I am running out of places to hang them now. Check out my collection...

  11. What a beautiful tradition! Agree w/ Leanne & others above #love

  12. What a wonderful idea this is, Debbie.
    You "guys" are simply too adorable!

  13. Hi Debbie i love your little postcard book--- how many do you have in it so far? I have collected pistcards since the 70s and have tried different ways to keep/display them-- right now they are just in an easy to access little plastic bin. I buy postcards everywhere and i keep them and also still send them -- which hardly anyone does anymore! Glad to hear you do too! do you Send to friends and family too? I love to browse postcard racks on trips--- and in the past 7 years or so some places dont even sell them anymore??--- i got a blank stare when asking young shop clerks where the postcards were? Can you believe it? I sure hope postcards dont go the way of real letters and thank you notes and even now many people have even stopped sending Christmas cards

  14. Lord have MERCY!! Postcards!!---not pistcards!! Sorry

  15. So very lovely. This is one of those "wish I'd thought of that moments" ... it's such a romantic thing to do as well.
    I love how you keep them too Debbie. It's a real pleasure to keep finding out all these beautiful traditions of yours xx

    1. Oh, p.s. I love how the stamp is a cherry blossom one - that's just the cherry on the cake so to speak :D)

  16. That is a great idea and I forgot the last trip we went on, I also saw a little book that you can get that you write down every evening the highlight of that day's trip, may do that too :) My memory just isn't what it use to be.... Love that you pick out different postcards to send back too!

  17. That is a sweet way to remember those special moments.

  18. How sweet !

    i really liked the idea my friend.
    loving needs expressions and this is also a lovely way to say to your partner that how much you love him.
    you did wonderful job to put them together in a book which is so pretty and of course special.

  19. What a fun and lovely way to remember those special trips you have experienced with each other. I can imagine there are lovely memories brought to mind as you read of past adventures.

  20. Oh my gosh, this is the best of ideas. You two are the romantics for sure. What a way to treasure your sweet moments. Thanks for sharing the idea. When we finish the mission; we hope to do a bit of traveling and I love this.
    Blessings and hugs~