Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Yard Critters

I have a lot of critters in the yard beyond birds!
I have several squirrels that "live" here and I am "kind of" ok with that!
They are fun to watch and their antics are so cute and creative.
The hubs has tried to out wit them,
but so far they have out matched him in a few ways, but he has not given up.

I yell at them continually..."that is not for you"
I have a whistle I blow, but they are unimpressed.
The hubs has greased the shepards hook, but so far, nothing works.
I fill the hummingbird feeder, they empty it...and so far, I too am loosing the battle.

I have cute little chipmunks running around.
You can see this one is missing a patch of hind hair and I have named him Dale.

I find Junior like this when it is really hot, 
he is a drama queen...
he will also strike this pose when there are no peanuts left on the deck rail!


  1. LOL Critters galore at your place, Debbie. I love seeing the photo's.


  2. My daughter would be in heaven at your house, she loves squirrels but the cats keeps our population down. I think Junior would be her favorite.

  3. Lol. Priceless. He looks drunk! Love the chipmunk!

  4. If squirrels were human they would all be Einsteins. I have given up trying to outsmart them. I think it is impossible!

  5. What cute little critters. You just gotta love them.

  6. Hello, cute critters and photos. I have given up fighting with the squirrels. They learned how to eat from from squirrel-buster feeder. Wishing you a happy day!

  7. I will admit these critters can be entertaining,but I really would rather have the birds.

  8. Oh Debbie, they are such cute critters.
    I love your photographs, and I had to laugh at juniors pose :)

    All the best Jan

  9. I have a squirrel buster feeder which seems to work for us - it might help that it hangs off the railing of a very high deck which makes for a long fall. But I also only use it during the winter because I haven’t figured out how to outsmart our resident bear - eek. You have some adorable and dramatic squirrels! Very cute photos!

  10. Been there, done that. LOL! Squirrels can definitely be frustrating. The only solution that ever worked for me was a baffle added to the feeder pole. The downside is the pole can't be located close enough to anything for them to jump onto the pole from above. We have a bunch of little "chippy's" running around (as T likes to call them)! I can see Jr. being a drama queen! :-)

  11. I love when you post photos of Jr. He is a favorite of mine. He does have a cute personality. Now you have added Dale and I think he is adorable too.
    Blessings and hugs for you!

  12. Your little chipmunk is so sweet! We are battling the squirrels here as well. They are enjoying the birds treats and food as much as the birds. LOL I put out peanuts too and they love those! We move our feeders around, and no matter what we do, they go nuts swinging and leaping and trying to get to the feeders and usually succeed. They are a hoot to watch though!!

  13. Junior in that pose is irresistible!!

  14. We spend hours (not daily) watching the goofs from the dining table. They enrich our lives almost as much as our pawed children.

  15. I so enjoyed your critter post and your story behind them, they are tricky little characters but like you say, so fun to watch at the same time, my favorite is the way Junior is laying there on the rail