Friday, June 28, 2019

Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center, Part II

Located right in Austin, Texas
The Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center
is dedicated to inspiring the conservation of plants and flowers native to Texas.
The gardens are so pretty, primarily wildflowers in a very natural setting.
I was a little disappointed that the Bluebonnets were spent,
but there were plenty of other gorgeous flowers.

Picking up from yesterdays post...
here are a few more views from the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center.

One hitchhiker on board...

three hitchhikers on the bud...see if you can find all of them!

They provide a great guide book,

with a detailed map,

and guide to what's in season!

Here I am, resting as we waited for an Uber.

Answering a question from Debbi from yesterday...How long did it take to walk the gardens?
I have no idea, it was hot, really hot...
I always have to limit my visits and not be disappointed that I did not see everything.
The library was a great find, air conditioned with great books, we spent at least a half hour there.
I walk slow and start off with the mindset that I will not see everything.


  1. Hello Debbie, the garden tour looks beautiful. I love the flowers and turtle. The hot weather seems like it is everywhere now. Beautiful series of photos and a cute photo of you! Enjoy your day, have a happy weekend!

  2. I love wildflowers (and flutterbys) ... but so despise the legacy of the Johnsons, I cringe just thinking about visiting any place named after one of them.

  3. Oh my that turtle is wonderful and what a place to visit. Thanks for sharing with us.

  4. An air-conditioned library seems like the perfect compliment to a visit to a place like this. I might have spent more than a half hour there.

  5. Love the idea of a wildflower garden open to the public like that. Great idea!

  6. Beautiful shots. If you don't see everything in one visit, that is reason enough to go back again.

  7. When you don't see everything it is a good excuse to go back :) Your photos are gorgeous and I loved the flowers, but that little turtle with the pretty design, fabulous! You've given me yet another idea of a road trip Debbie and for that I also thank you very much. Have a great weekend :)

  8. Your photographs are wonderful and so nice to see all of the flowers, but I am so pleased you also included the turtle, I thought he was great, it somehow had a personality about it!

    All the best Jan

  9. More glorious photos of this beautiful sanctuary. I rather love the look of that gazebo and the turtle was fabulous. I think I found those three little hitchhikers. An air-conditioned library sounds to me to be the perfect place to get cool and enjoy a little book browsing.

  10. Another lovely post of a beautiful place.
    Loved the photos of yourself and of hubby.

  11. Wow, those are beautiful photos! A really nice place to visit.

  12. That looks like a very large place, so nice that they let you know what is growing where. Glad you were able to go and see what you could, you got some great pics and love your smile!

  13. I love you beautiful smiling you! I am happy you shared some more lovely photos of this adventure. I know that I will never get to see this place so your photos help me feel like I have been somewhere. Thanks you for that!
    Sending loving thoughts and hugs your way!