Thursday, June 20, 2019

Ducklings And Other Things

During my last trip to Lake of the Lilies, 
on June 14th, beside seeing the 
I was privileged to see a family of Mallards.
Female Mallards, also know as hens, generally lay up to one dozen eggs.
With only four babies in tow, I suspect several others were lost to the "circle of life".

Led by mom, they swam toward me at first, as if she wanted to show me her babies...
 then gently and quietly floated away.
What a thrill it was to share this space with them, if only for a few minutes!


  1. The interesting thing here, Debbie, is that a male appears to be accompanying the family. More often it is the female alone who raises the young. I am glad that you are enjoying these encounters so much.

  2. Hello, great series on the duck family. I love the cute ducklings. Adorable closeups. Wishing you a happy day!

  3. 'A thrill'

    Yeah...I guess it is...a wild thing sharing her babies with you. They're so so cute

  4. They are all so precious! Makes you wish you could pick one up and pet it! lol Beautiful photos my friend. You are GOOD!!!

  5. Oh isn't it so exciting, I should post the ones we got too, I love that you got such great shots of them in the water, they are so sweet aren't they. I didn't know they laid that many eggs, sometimes we see a lot of babies and sometimes it is just a very few.

  6. Hello Dear Debbie!
    A lovely family of ducklings. Debbie, a great photo series.

    Hugs and greetings from the hot Poland.

  7. Of all the ducks I see here, I never see ducklings. Such a treat, Debbie. Great photos.

  8. Beautiful photo's, Debbie. I'm reminded of a time when Hunter was younger; I would take her to a park near our house back then. And, most usually we'd drive around to the lake and watch the ducks. This one time, for whatever reason, some started chasing us. We flew back to the car, and laughed and laughed! :)


  9. These are fantastic photos of the Mother duck and her ducklings. I think you are truly blessed to get the best of shots in nature. Sending loving thoughts and hugs~

  10. Love ducklings! They're funny to watch. These are really nice photos!

  11. Lovely shots. It's always a thrill to see those babies.

  12. What a joy to see these adorable photographs.
    Lovely ducks :)

    All the best Jan

  13. Hi Debbie, it's just so adorable to see these cuties. I especially love the 3rd last photo where one of the ducklings is looking straight at you. Really delightful xx