Sunday, June 23, 2019

Confusing Domestic Ducks, Ducklings And Other Things!

Most often, Ducks are pretty easy for me to identify with my field guide and detailed books.
But every so often I get a strange looking one, one that doesn't look familiar...
that I can't find in any of my books.

This duck was one of them and the duckling, to the right, was extremely unusual to me.
I have never seen a baby duck so dark in color.

Domestic ducks are born from interbreeding between species.
This duck may be a product of a mallard and another species mating.

This duck had four other chicks that had what I believe to be normal coloring.
They were small, yellow and fluffy.

The chicks were adorable and super fun to watch!

I also saw a lot of...

Female Red-Winged Black Birds

and a lot of Males as well.

And there were a lot of beautiful Mallard Ducks too!


  1. There is no question the duck in the first pictures is what we refer to as a "barnyard duck." Waterfowl more than other families are prone to interbreed, and since Mallards are the ancestral stock for domestic ducks, there is a mind-boggling variety of colours. As humans we have even bred them selectively to highlight certain traits and features we have found attractive. The most extreme example of this, perhaps, is the pure white form known as a Pekin Duck, which can actually become a pet and will walk alongside you if you take it for a walk. Every so often, one of these birds will escape captivity and rejoin a wild flock. It will then pair off with a wild Mallard, and over a few generations the white will become submerged and the progeny will revert to normal colouration. In the meantime, however, many strange variants may appear.

  2. Hello, Debbie! The ducklings are so cute. I have seen some of these domestic ducks mixed in with the Mallards. Great collection of photos. Happy Sunday, enjoy your day! Have a great new week ahead.

  3. Well whatever the little duck is it is a cutie:)

  4. I just knew David would be able to help :)

    Another lovely post full of variety and great photographs - and I love the chicks.

    All the best Jan

  5. I see domestic geese every winter. I always think they are a species of goose I haven’t seen before but they are from a local farm. I will never learn!

  6. That strange looking duck must be of a mixed breed.

  7. Love the little fuzzballs! They're so cute! Beautiful photos of the blackbirds as well!

  8. Good finding Debbie. Interesting to see the darker variety - she has a mixed brood too, they're cuties.
    The male blackbird has such a lovely boomerang shape of colour and I can see whisps of blue on some of his back feathers. Your photos are superb.

  9. these are powerful images dear friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    you are skilled in capturing indeed,so beautiful!

  10. Such a cute little duck. The mallard is such a stunning duck and you took perfect pics.

  11. So cute, especially the baby :) Great photos Debbie!

  12. Aww cute little chick.
    It's amazing how much you know about ducks

  13. Oh how fun to have seen a new kind of duck and oh my goodness the little one is just to adorable, Love the pics you got of it.

  14. Isn't it fun taking pictures of the birds. Great duck photos. Somehow I missed all the babies. Maybe it was just too wet here. Tanks for sharing.

  15. Very cute ducks! I guess it makes sense that eventually there would be mixtures. I wonder if there are some really spectacular mixes out there. I also love the red winged black birds!

  16. Wow, I enjoyed reading about this Duck you didn't recognize. You got some great photos and the ducklings are so cute. It's interesting that she has two different colors. The shots of the Mallard Duck is spectacular. I love the back ground of the photo is beautiful. All the photos were fantastic today.
    Blessings and hugs!