Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The "Rest" of the "Fest"

It's not just about balloons you know!
There is a 5k race for those who want to participate.
I passed on that but I did cheer for the runners as
they crossed the finish line.
It's about games, rides, food & fun.
Arts & Crafts and lot's of free samples from the sponsors.
Lets start with Breakfast...
We shared a crepe, filled with banana's, walnuts and caramel sauce.
This was soooo yummy!!

It was not very crowded on Sunday, which is always better for me.
grab a bag...all the sponsors have them,

and load it up with all the free samples, the vendors are handing out!

We even scored 5 packages of these Hawaiian sweet rolls.
These are really good!
I made homemade sliders twice already and they were delish.

The hubs and I had been smelling this sausage cook since 7 a.m...
there was no way we were leaving without buying one!
It was yummy!
There were several "movie famous cars" on display,
I will share those pictures with you tomorrow!
New Jersey has so many Festivals and events during the summer.
If it stays cool, I am going to have a busy "rest of the summer"!
Do you enjoy events like these?? Or do the crowds ruin it for you??


  1. that's not breakfast! that's dessert! :) i don't like those rolls, either.

  2. Hi Debbie its lovely to know what goes on in your area and I do love the second shot. Looking at all that food only makes me hungry.

  3. Glad it was cool for you!! And not crowded - two of my favorite conditions for outdoor events. We're headed to a county fair tonight - just the right amount of tacky... and lots of animals. I'm glad you explained that food haul - I didn't get it when you posted the pic of your "haul" the other day. Pretty cool that there are so many free samples!!

  4. LOVE those rolls! You got such great goodies. Sure worth going to that event. Looks like so much FUN!

  5. I love those Hawaiian rolls! My church uses the round loaves of the same bread for communion, and I always want to go through a second time (just kidding). :-)

    I like festivals, especially if it's not too hot or crowded. I can stand a crowd for only so long. There's a Heritage Festival this weekend that we want to go to. Looking forward to that.

  6. I love festivals. They are so much fun and the food is always great. Smelling the aroma of all the food stands makes the whole day better!

  7. What fun, Debbie, and oh my goodness, the food!!!
    I love summer festivals, and the summer season is way too short to let crowds bother me, although I do go when I know it won't be so crowded.

  8. This is a cool festival, and I love the hot air balloons. The food sounds yummy, especially your breakfast sounds like dessert. Have a happy evening!

  9. What a day. Lots of food and free stuffs. Could it bee better?

  10. Debbie it was worth your time getting all those goodies! (I love those sweet rolls with spinach dip!)

  11. I love the array of free samples...and that bag!

  12. My son-in-law loves those rolls! He would be thrilled with free samples!

  13. Fun and food, my kind of event. Everything looks yummy!

  14. Free stuff - now that is a festival I can get excited about. Actually, I used to enjoy going to different arts & craft festivals, but I've hit that point where I have too much stuff. TOO MUCH STUFF!!! - but always room for some goodies. Look forward to cool car photos and maybe a balloon or two - maybe!?! :)

  15. Hello Debbie,
    Nice event with much delicious food,..hhmmm...!! Good shots!!

    Many greetings,

  16. Oh now that looks like fun to me. I love going to the city of Hamilton they have a huge Super Art Crawl coming up in September it has so much to see and do. Alos the Plowing Matches are the same around here but not so much food is given away as keychains, bags, hats, tshirts etc. I love the crowds at these things it is quite a change from the peace and quiet of the farm I get very excited.
    I am so glad you had so much fun. Hope it stays cool for you but we need the heat up here so we can finish our hay. Hug. B

  17. That crepe looks incredible! I love going to these types of events, but usually avoid the summer ones in lieu of fall and spring - too crowded for me! I can't wait for the Oyster Festival in Asbury this September!

  18. What a loot! My kids don't like big crowds at all so we usually avoid very hot and crowded places. We are more simple farm folk.

  19. I love events like that!
    Looks like a ton of fun :)

  20. Being a NJ native who formerly lived in Somerville, I know this balloon festival and your posts brought back lots of great memories, Debbie.

  21. Looks like so much fun, thank you for sharing. I am new to blogging and am loving your posts!