Thursday, July 25, 2013

I Am An Organizing Junkie!!

There, I said it, it's true and I'm not ashamed of it!!
I usually do all my "organizing" projects during the winter,
when it's cold and snowing.
It's the only time I really deep clean the house.
During the summer, I use my sleeve to dust,
and my socks to vacuum.
But, because it's been so hot outside, I am pretending it's winter,
rolling up my sleeves and keeping myself busy indoors!!
Here's what I have been up to...
I am almost done organizing the pictures on my computer.
I wish I had kept track of how many pictures I deleted,
perhaps 10,000, it could be more.
I have freed up 54.2 GB of storage/memory on my notebook,
so whatever that equates to.

I purchased a new address book and recopied all my snail mail
addresses in to it.
All the drawers in the home office are cleaned and organized,
and I cleaned completely the bottom of my china cabinet.

The hubs spent 45 minutes deep cleaning the shower
and every nook and cranny in the shower door.
I did not take before pictures but trust me it was gross.
We finally replaced our rusted shower caddy with...

 this beauty from Bed Bath and Beyond.
20% off, stainless steel, guaranteed not to rust, a girl can hope!

I found 2 frames in Target that matched
the frames in my wall gallery.

Added to my original gallery are the Male Cardinal top center,
and the tween Blue Jays in the bird bath, bottom center.
Two of my favorite pictures that were not originally included,
I LOVE that it's growing!

So there it is, another summery of all the excitement
in the life of this Jersey Girl.
I think today, I am going to scrapbook
and work on a post for tomorrow...
that is perhaps a tad more exciting then today's entry!

Do you love to clean/organize??
How about being home?? Love it or hate it??

I love being home and also enjoy a nice adventure!!


  1. LOVE being home. HATE cleaning. organizing? rarely do it but i don't keep too much to organize. less is more in my house.

    love your photo wall. and LOL'd at your 'sleeves and socks' method. :)

  2. I used to be a perfectionist, but as I age, and with the MS, I have mellowed a lot!

  3. You know me well enough by now how I feel about cleaning... but I do plan on organizing my closet very soon!

    Yay for Chuck -- can he come over and clean my bathrooms? :)

  4. I love being home and I hate to clean, though I like things to be clean--if that makes sense. I go through spells where I get things organized, but then ... things get disorganized again. Love your wall gallery!

    I am off today. Maybe I'll organize my home office area. I'll think of you and do a little dusting with my sleeve. :-)

  5. I have in my planner, that on the first day of school I will start the organizing with a dumpster sitting in front of my house. My married kids have been given notice that what they don't come take to their houses will be going to the dump. Sad isn't it? I do love organizing and cleaning and I love the feeling of sitting in the room when it is all done.
    I love your wall of wonder. It is just beautiful. I am so glad you have one to showcase your photography.
    With it being so hot this year, I have done more deep cleaning that I have in years past. It looks great.

  6. I love the vibrant color purple in your Header for your Blog.

    Stopping by via Chatty Crone's blog.

    I tried to place my name as a follower and a pop up stated unable to do at this time and to try later????


  7. When I am in the mood, I clean like a madwoman. But when I am not....Well the dust bunnies take over bit I am ashamed to say. Luckily the mood to clean comes around often enough.
    Yes. I love being Home with all the wonderful things to do in my happy place. No secret there.

  8. I am spending these hot days knitting when I'm not working. On the cooler nights we go out and find something to do like mini golf. I'm with you with staying in doors during this heat. But I am not nearly as organized as you.

  9. HI Cleaning is done out of necessity and I can be very motivated if I have people coming to stay or even just for a meal. SO sometimes the place is a mess and when it is sitting pretty, I tell myself, I will not let it get in such a mess again, then I don't listen to my own advise!!!!! I love being at home however I also love being out at different events. I am busier in the winter at regular groups and I am usually the one to organise others to various events etc as this second nature to me. Margaret

  10. I LOVE to organize. However, it never STAYS organized! *sigh*

    Perfect additions to your photo wall!

  11. I like to clean .. but not so good at organizing .... = 0) but you're doing great

  12. You bet I love to clean...only if I don't get a better offer!!! With our downsize I have to be organized, everything in its place, or else its chaos!!!

  13. Cleaning and organizing, they are my hubby's jobs. You should give him some tips! I do try to clean out my computer and delete the old photos, after I back them up of course. I do love your photo wall. Have a great evening and a happy weekend!

  14. When you get your house all neatly organized,come on down my way.I sure could use some help.No,I'm not a terribly messy person,but sure could improve some.😜

  15. I am a bit of a neat freak. The organizational sections at The Container Store and Bed Bath and Beyond give me an adrenaline rush! I'm not sure I actually enjoy the act of cleaning, but nothing makes me happier when it's done! And I'm a huge homebody! I love a good adventure, but our home is definitely my happy place!

  16. I usually bring a scrapbook project with me on vacay for the down/chill time...however, inspired by you, I decided I was just going to CLEAN OUT MY FREAKIN' PHOTOS!!! Looking forward to a happier and "lighter" computer by the end of the 10 days!!

  17. I love to organize as well! I usually do it on rainy days or "snowed in" days, but I will also do it on extreme hot and humid days, as I feel safer inside on such days.

  18. You have more energy than I do! I try to go through my photos periodically and delete any I know I won't use. 54GB's is a lot of space to free up. I love your wall gallery!

  19. I love being home I don't like to clean or weed. So when I win the lottery I will have a maid and a Gardner lol.
    Have a great weekend


  20. Well you certainly have been a busy little beaver. I just wish you lived closer and I'd have you come over and "organize" for me. The heat has been awful here and after spending an hour in a muggy swimming pool every morning I'm not much good for spending time cleaning afterwards.

  21. Let's see I think that you have inspired me to get busy and do some good organizing in my study. I know if I will do it; it will make me so happy.
    I need to reorganize and delete my pictures also.
    I do love being home to choose what I want to accomplish each day.
    Blessings and hugs for this ne!

  22. Girl, are you sure we're not twins, seperated at birth???

    I love cleaning and organizing. I love being home and I'm always up for new adventure. I also love to scrapbook and always carry a camera in my pocketbook
    Just ask Anna if you don't believe me :)