Saturday, July 20, 2013

Summer Excitement

Hold on to your hats fellow bloggers,
as I share some of the excitement going on here
at the Jersey Shore!
Wednesday night we went to see the fireworks in Asbury Park.
An article in our local news paper said they were displaying fireworks
every Wednesday night this summer.
Not True.
I won't mention that I "dragged" myself out of my "cool" 72 degree home, 
in an attempt to be "fun"!
That it was 92 degrees at the boardwalk and that the line
for ice cream was 20 people deep.
On the way home, we stopped at McDonald's for a "sweet tea" only,
we waited in line for about 20 minutes for what tasted like water.
Not my night.
The pool water is 92 degrees, only a tad cooler then the outside air.
Last night we stayed home and played Uno,
I love Uno!
I lost 4 out of 5 games and decided I did not want to play anymore.
We rented...
Dead Man Down,
I visited blogs while I pretended to watch it!
The BEST part of this exciting week,
these yummy mini deserts we brought home from Olive Garden.
These were delish!!


  1. aww. you've been on a roll - of the bad kind! :(

    the desserts would have picked my spirits up, too. :)

  2. Walking out into a wall of heat is no fun but your photos are :) I recognize those desserts in your last shot ;)

  3. I'm not much fun in the heat--prefer nice cool a/c.

  4. Okay this is sounding my "last Saturday":( Everything can be made better with sugar!

  5. Well, at least you had the yummy desserts, but so many other dissapointments! Oh how I miss the Jersey Shore. Point Pleasant was my go-to spot for many years!

  6. Is it bad that I love this??!! Tonight it's tacos and rummy. And we'll only get up from the couch to play rummy if it gets cool enough in the dining room. Otherwise it will be another netflix night! {I don't like the frustrating wednesday night story...nights like that are so annoying...just the 'this is our life'ness of it!)

  7. It sounds like my week!!! Haha. Our swimming pools are the same temp.
    I think dessert makes up for it all.
    I hope you get some cool weather soon. The no fireworks thing would have bummed me out, but loosing 4 out of 5 games just breaks my heart. :)

  8. It should be ... It happends thing on the street ... but it didn't.

    Thank God that the day have a nice end :)

  9. Well at least you were sweetly rewarded at the end of the day with a yummy for your tummy ~:)

    Those dang Bennies- ya can't live with em or without em!

  10. Oh Debbie I LOVE UNO my girls My Hero and I used to play all the time. I always lost too:)
    Sorry you dragged yourself out of your cool house and were disappointed but the dessert looks great now I want some:) Hug B

  11. I haven't played UNO in years!!!! I will dig it out of my game closet and keep it handy in case someone comes along who likes to play!!

  12. The heat has been nasty! We have spent a couple of nights in playing UNO, of the SpongeBob kind. My grandie loves SpongeBob!

  13. Hi Debbie, Well that is some heat! Spendid end of eating these delicious desserts. Margaret

  14. I have not been enjoying these hot days either. Debbie, sorry you have had some bad times. The desserts do look yummy! I wish you a happier week ahead!

  15. This probably didn't feel so funny - but you have a great sense of humor about it! I'm guessing next week will be much better :-)

  16. I'm sorry. You're week sounds a lot like mine. I love Uno too! Wish we could play together. Do you ever play Skip-Bo? I love that game too!

  17. I wish I had a dollar for all the Uno and Skipbo games I've played in my life. I'd be a very rich woman. Even if I only had a dollar for every one I lost, I'd be rich.

  18. My goodness...what a week you have had! Funny, I had one of those mini desserts at OG this week...the choc mousse...yummy! :-)

  19. We haven't played Uno in a long time. I think I've forgotten how! Desserts make any day a better day!

  20. I love UNO, too! It's been ages since I played. Sorry the heat and the crowds made the "fireworks" outing turn out to be a dud. But you tell the story with such spirit!

  21. I read the same article about the fireworks in Asbury, bummed to hear that it's not happening! Billy and I went to Sundaes this weekend for some Chocolate Overload - my favorite flavor!!!

  22. it all looked fun and especially the final treats. I think my husband and I need to retire soon; I need more fun like the two of you have.