Sunday, July 14, 2013

Happy Birthday Adelina Rose

My gifts are ready and I am so excited to see my baby girl!
Here's how the frame turned out...
I just picked my four favorite pictures of Addie.
I made a cute little tag to hang on it,
I want to display it on the party table.
I picked up that cute little hat, for her to wear in her birthday picture,
that I will put in to this frame.
It will be difficult to cover up this picture, as it is one of my favorites.
Her scrapbook is done!!
These two pages sit side by side and
are my favorite two pages in the book!
It was April 9, 2013, her first time at the beach.
She is 8 months old here!
Loved this page also, she is 11 months here.
Happy Birthday Addie!!
Your Aunt Debbie loves you with her whole heart!!
Thank you for your sweetness and love...
for always reaching for me, each time you see me!
Thanks also for loving purple, just as much as I do!!


  1. Such special gifts for a little one with a beautiful name.
    Have a great day Debbie!

  2. I seriously woke up thinking about this scrapbook - I know, I have issues! But it's just such a big deal - such a great gift that will be cherished for lifetimes!! To me, there's just nothing like the joy that comes from these albums!! Enjoy the party - and can't wait to see the birthday girl in her hat!!

  3. Happy birthday to your Addie! Wonderful memories!

  4. Debbie, you did a beautiful job on the scrapbook. I love the photos of cute Addie! Happy Sunday to you!

  5. loved the little blurb about purple. :)

  6. She is so sweet Debbie..Have a great day little Adelina...Hugs

  7. Just precious I love your photos.

  8. That's a nice birthday tree.


  9. Addie is ADORABLE and I am sure she will have a wonderful special birthday.

    xo Danielle

  10. You have found a true partner. Love of purple is just a start. You love to photograph and she loves to be photographed. Happy Birthday, Addie. I'm betting Aunt Debbie out did herself on your birthday present!!!

  11. Debbie, Everything turned out lovely. I love your scrapbooking. I know Addie will love looking at it many times over when she is a little older. Hugs, Bonnie

  12. You have made her gifts that will be so precious to her and her parents and will last a lifetime! That is so thoughtful and loving of you. :-)

    She's a sweetie pie, and I love her name. And she loves purple? Well, that's all that needs to be said. :-)

  13. What Special Gifts!
    Sounds like Addie is one loved little girl by her Auntie
    Hope she has a very special birthday!

  14. Ah... how sweet...
    The scrapbook looks amazing!

  15. Hi Debbie This day is a special day for you and for Addie. Cherish the memory. Margaret

  16. A wonderful and special birthday remembrance, Debbie, which Addie will cranky enjoy as she gets older. For now, her parents and all of your fellow bloggers admire your creativity and talents. W are also celebrating birthdays this week, Grenville aka Pat today and our granddaughter on Friday!

  17. Oh she's adorable and your gifts are wonderful. What a great keepsake to have.

  18. Wow, she is adorable and your scrapbook is fantastic. You are very creative in more areas than one.
    Happy Birthday to this precious one. Enjoy the moments!

  19. Really nice presents :)
    They are very special. She's gonna love them when she grow up.

  20. What an important day to celebrate! She's precious! Love the album!

  21. such thoughtful are a great aunt!