Saturday, July 13, 2013

Addie's Turning One...

On July 14, 2012, we welcomed Adelina Rose in to the world.
5 pounds, 4 ounces, she is my first great niece!!
Tomorrow is her birthday party,
so today, I must finish the project's I have been working on.
A scrapbook containing all the pictures of her first year of life.
And I need to pick my four favorite pictures of Addie for this frame.
Here's a sneak peak at one of my favorite pages in the book...
here is one of my favorite pictures.
This is her Easter Outfit, there are little white bunnies on the dress.
I also purchased this frame and put her picture in it, from 1 month ago.
I will take a picture at the party and replace this one
with a picture I take tomorrow!!
What can I say...I am a picture lover and a memory keeper!
And I'm going to be one busy girl today,
but...having lot's of fun!!


  1. So you will be the most happiest big girl tomorrow.

  2. Well she is so adorable I can see why. I love all of the wonderful things you have made for her. Have a lovely time at the birthday party.

  3. Happy Birthday to Addie! She is adorable and looks so cute on all the photos. I love the cute frame! My niece is pregnant now and soon I will be a great-aunt. So much fun! Have a fun time at the party, happy weekend!

  4. Oh my what a beautiful girl. She must make you very happy.

  5. Hi Debbie...What fun to have a little one to spoil ! : )
    So sure is a precious little bugger, I love the Easter outfit too, but they are all just sweet!!
    Have a lot of fun !!
    "Happy Birthday Addie"

  6. Ah Debbie, Addie is the cutest wee girl around :))
    A year already - time certainly does fly doesn't it?
    Have lots of fun tomorrow. :)

  7. i know you love that little one. :)

  8. This is beautiful, and you are amazing, Debbie!!!

  9. Happy Birthday to that precious Adie!
    She is adorable in her Easter outfit!

  10. Glad you enjoyed your family certainly ate well!! Hope Addie has a wonderful birthday.I know her parents will be thrilled with your gifts. You are so thoughtful...what a blessing for their family!

  11. The perfect birthday gift! Pictures are so important. Enjoy the celebration.

  12. Mrs. Debbie you are too talented. i love your photo albums.

    i wish i could send you some photos of me & the hubby & say come up with some spectacular... you are so fancy & fun!!!

    i hope Addie will have a great birthday. ( :

  13. Oh Debbie, how very sweet of you to do that! That picture of that babe in her Easter dress is absolutely darling!

  14. She's a doll! Great scrapbook too Debbie!

    Happy Birthday to sweet little Addie!

  15. From one picture lover and memory keeper to the other... Have fun and you have a beautiful subject. Happy Birthday Addie!

  16. Happy Birthday to your sweet little grand-niece! She's so adorable. The scrapbook is wonderful and will make a great gift!

  17. Oh so adorable!
    Happy Birthday to Adelina Rose!

  18. How adorable. You are the best great aunt ever.

  19. Oh how sweet Debbie, you must be so proud of your little Granddaughter. A lovely project and I'll finish off saying, Happy Birthday Adelina Rose!