Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Chasing Egrets in Connecticut

Everywhere I go, I chase Egrets. Connecticut was no different.
There are lot's of "marshy" bodies of water in Connecticut,
therefore there are lot's of Egrets!
Here's the catch, they are very difficult to photograph
because they are so skittish.
In Connecticut, I find they are super skittish
and all their hangouts are well outside the scope of my lens.
But...I try anyway!
And then I shamefully share the pictures here.
I took 22 pictures of this guy, this is the best of the bunch!
I think I like the grass and the water in this picture
more then the Egret.
It appears my camera did also, as it would not cooperate
and focus on the bird, even though I had all my settings correct.
Let's move on.
Sorry...yes there is more.
Here I was hanging off a bridge...
well perhaps I was leaning over a bridge.
I did receive a few "beeps" from people passing by.
Peeps who drive fast and don't appreciate nature and photography...
well, they are missing a lot!!
44 pictures of this one, all but 2 will hit the recycle bin.
Which by the way, I don't recycle, I empty it
to put it out of it's misery!!
These images were taken on June 30,2013 during our trip to Mystic.


  1. I always love seeing your egrets. We have a blue heron who has begun hanging out in the stream (creek) just over from our home. I've actually had the chance to see more of them this summer than ever. Be safe, but please keep chasing your egrets. Bonnie

  2. 1) I think your first picture is wonderful. Heck, I have hummingbirds coming to a feeder right outside my back door who sense when I stand up to fetch my camera and zoom off - impossible little buggers. So I get the frustration of 44 pictures and maybe 2 remain. BTDT!
    2) I LOVE Mystic - I could hang out there and take pictures and shop again and again.

  3. Half the fun is the positions we get in to take the photos lol
    Was probably my mom honking they are always rushing to Mystic Ct. ;) me I would have pulled over to see what interesting thing you were doing!

  4. You leaning over the bridge with the cars peeping at you, now that made me smile. Great photos of the Egrets, I love them too.

  5. Hi Debbie The good news is you got 2 good shots to share with us. Well done. Very elegant birds. Margaret

  6. You got a couple of good shots! That's the great thing about digital, you can snap heaps of photos and just dump the bad ones!

  7. you make me laugh. :) but do be careful hanging off bridges and the like! not quite as safe as hanging out your own window!

  8. I think you did a great job! I like the water and grasses around the egret. And he looks so regal in the field. I have never seen an egret. So this is a treat!

    Please be careful hanging off bridges! :-)

  9. You too would need a part time job if there were no digital and only 35 mm film!!! Glad you didn't fall over the bridge when they beeped their horns. You did get some good shots, and I'm glad!!!

  10. Debbie, I like your two Egrets shots. You are amazing what you will do to get your photos. Hanging off a bridge with cars whizzing by. You are brave. Take care and don't fall!

  11. He's a beauty and the water looks so inviting!

  12. Nice shots! I like the white against all the green foliage in the second and third shots!

    If you can change your focus screen to just a single point, like the very center, it will help. If multiple focus points are active, they'll focus on things between you and your subject.

  13. Gosh, I find these photos to be perfectly lovely! safe photo is worth harm to you!

  14. That first picture is excellent.The grass adds to the beauty of the whole scene.

  15. You got some great shots - and I'm pretty merciless with the recycle bin, too. My mom lives on the edge of a marsh, and I saw an egret today - I think it may have been my first time - no photos, though. It was so cool to watch! Thanks for sharing your shots with us!

  16. I think they are all pretty!

  17. I love the 2 pictures you saved to share with us! That first one is really nice! The egret is a pretty bird.

  18. Great shots do be careful I've been seeing them here too.

  19. Wow, these are great pictures of the Egrets. I am not familiar with these specie of bird; but I am going to look up more about it.