Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Yarn Along

what is that and why have I been doing so little?

It's summer and having fun has taken priority...
and all things considered, I have all things in perspective.
I really love to knit but I have been quite busy lately.
We have done a lot of swimming here and we have attended so many special parties.

So here's what came off my needles...

The Neapolitan Cowl I was working on when I last posted, it is the third one I have finished.
And as I have said before, 
these will make really nice Christmas gifts for my nieces this year...
I have a lot of nieces.

Just the other day, I started another and it matches my knitting bag that I adore so much.
This is good summer knit...
A super easy pattern, and it is small to work on during the heat.
Which matters not because I am always in air conditioning when I knit,
but, I thought it sounded good!

So, are you guys busy knitting, crafting, painting, or sewing?
What's your guilty crafting pleasure?


  1. Your knitting looks good :)

    I have been doing more reading recently … in the warmer weather it is just so nice to take some time and relax with a good book.

    My good wishes.

    All the best Jan

  2. I love that color green, so nice you have a easy project for summer, I agree in the summer you know you have to get out and do while it is nice, especially swimming when the weather is so warm

  3. Who wants to knit when there is a swimming pool and lots of parties to enjoy! Though if one is to knit in hot weather then air conditioning sounds like a plan to me. The green cowl is lovely, as is the grey pretty you are knitting.