Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Morning Chores...

My morning chores are so "odd"...nothing like yours I am sure!
First thing before my eyeballs are even open all the way,
checking on the caterpillars is a must.
This morning they are fine, 
but they have eaten all the dill I set out for them last night.
Outside I go for more dill, 
I get distracted by how beautiful it is outside, 
and the fact that all of the plants need to be watered.

Their cage was very dirty,
you can not believe how much they poop.
I cleaned the cage...here it is all nice and clean.

Each caterpillar gets a nice bunch of dill, it won't last long,
they have to be fed several times a day.

I noticed the flowers in the kitchen were "past prime",
so back outside I go for more flowers...

There, that's better!

Now, it's back outside to water my plants...

The wildflowers wrap around the deck, 
Coneflowers and Black-eyed Susan's...
I had so much Sweet William here 
but my lawn people pulled it out (by mistake, I'm sure) at the end of a season,
I must replace it.

Everything gets a drink, 
maybe I will show you my vegetable garden tomorrow,
it's not doing well.
These gardens here are very happy.

I fill the bird feeders and the birdbaths, I have two birdbaths now...
I could not resist sharing a picture of my new one from yesterday again,
I am so in love with it!

By now, 
It's 10 a.m. and I am exhausted and I have not done one "normal" chore.

Almost time for a nap!


  1. You are right about caterpillar frass, it's amazing how much they can generate.

  2. Oh yes, I do like your chores list, and what beautiful nature surrounds you! The caterpillars are happy!

  3. These chores all sound like so much more fun than dusting and cleaning the house.

  4. I rather like your chores - except for cleaning the caterpillar cage, maybe. I’ll replace that with some extra watering and dead heading. I do love that yellow planter/bird bath!

  5. Debbie - the pattern on the caterpillar is so intricate - I could look at it for hours. Much better than cleaning up the poop! Your flowers against the fence are picture perfect - I can see why you might get distracted. And naps? That's what lazy summer mornings are for, chores or not!

  6. You have a very pretty garden with lovely flowers. The caterpillars are looking good and weel fed. I have been away in Scotland at my sister's (so no commenting) and just about to go away again for 2 more weeks! But thanks for all your comments. Well life is short and I am making the most of it

  7. Who needs "normal" when you have those kinds of chores? :-)

  8. Love the Hydrangea flowers. Mine were pretty but just not as many as I would like. I need to get the stuff to feed them and maybe next yr they will be more. Love the yellow pot. Love that you do the caterpillars.

  9. You are RIGHT! No one else can say they start the day like you do! I showed your post to my hubby. We love seeing those caterpillars! And that pretty yellow pot with the birdy is the cutest! How sweet you are! Starting the day in nature makes the whole day go right. Hugs!

  10. You are a busy lady, Debbie! And, everything always looks so pretty. Y'all live in Paradise! I know it's a lot of hard work for you both, but the accomplishments are worth it, I'm sure.


  11. I got tired just reading all that! But, you are surrounded by such wonder and beauty. I am assuming you are waiting for the caterpillars to "hatch". he he. Looking forward to seeing their other life.

  12. Enjoy such morning activity. It will be cold enough soon enough!

  13. Your first morning activitiey is fun...and the caterpillars so colourful!

  14. Hahahah! I love your morning routine!!!

  15. you wouldn't think something so small could make that much mess and eat that much, so nice you have it handy right out your door. I love how your plants wrap around your deck, our plants are looking a little sad around ours, but we keep working on them hoping they will perk up and look nice :)

  16. I think you deserve a nap after all of this. It takes a lot to feed and clean up after your Caterpillars. Then watering plants is a big chore. I loved learning about what you do when you first get up.
    Blessings and hugs!