Friday, July 19, 2019

The Full Moon

We had a full moon on Tuesday, 
since then we have had a lot of clouds but not too much rain.

The moon was exceptionally beautiful!

Getting back to the weather, 
I don't mind when it rains, in fact I rather like it.
It feels cozy inside the house, everything outside gets watered and washed off.
We've been having a lot of thunder and lightening too.
Now it is suppose to get hot, really hot...
lately the weather people talk more about the heat index then they do about the actual temperature.
The pool water is 90 degrees, we are not going to get much relief there.
I have plenty of inside projects to work on and I can always keep myself busy.

I forgot to show the flower garden around the mailbox
when I shared pictures of my gardens the other day.
These are Vinca's, for the most part, they are doing pretty well.

And this plant is a Daylily plant...

I have a lot of Daylily plants, in a variety of colors.

The hubs made dinner on the grill for us on Tuesday night.
These kabobs and these foil packets of potatoes are the best.
We had corn on the cob too, our favorite summer meal!


  1. Beautiful pictures....especially the kabob! ;-) The potatoes look delicious!

  2. Hello Debbie, beautiful full moon captures. It was too cloudy here, I missed the full moon. Your flowers are beautiful.I especailly love the Vinca's. The meal looks yummy! Enjoy your day! Have a happy weekend.

  3. I see the moon out there, and I think it is time leave it alone. Why we need to go and land there again is beyond me.

  4. Well, now I know why everyone has been so cranky; the full moon! Thanks for that Debbie. :)

    Your flowers are so beautiful. I especially love Day lily's.

    Chuck did good! Yum. :)


  5. My kind of supper! Looks delicious!

  6. Such awesome pictures of the moon and dinner looks wonderful!

  7. I used to use Impatiens planted close, like those around your mailbox. Then 4 years ago, no nursery around here sold them because there was disease that just about destroyed the whole crop. I then used Vinca's, but mine never did very well. I'm not real good about hauling out the heavy hose to water my annuals.

  8. (P.S. Debbie, which blonde joke didn't y'all get. I was born blonde but got it, LOL)

  9. Your food photos are every bit as good as your nature ones! It’s not hit 100 degrees in Texas yet this summer! But there’s still time.......

  10. Beautiful beautiful moon pictures, love those! That supper looks DELICIOUS, I'm on my way, ha ha ha LOL! I love corn on the cob too, we havent had any yet this summer, we meant to on July 4 and then forgot. I love seeing your mailbox pictures, I do believe you have the prettiest mailbox I've ever seen!

  11. Such beautiful moon photographs.
    Lovely flowers and your food looks yummy.

    All the best Jan

  12. Great moon shots, and delicious dinner!

  13. Cool moon shots, I did notice it looked kind of bright that night. Your flowers around your mailbox always looks so pretty, I just love the colors in that daylily.
    The dinner does look yummy and even better when our hubby's make them :)

  14. Where to begin? The moon shots are amazing. Love all your pretty flowers. Now, even though my supper is still sitting hi in my tummy, that plate full of food looks delicious.

  15. Excellent moon photos! Your flowers are beautiful! The current high ridge of pressure has everyone hot. Heat index in the triple digits for us this weekend.

  16. Incredible moon shots! Lovely flowers and a cute little flag too.

  17. Oh sweet friend, your flowers around the mailbox are lovely. All your flower photo are the best and I save many of them.
    Blessing and hugs for all you do to beautify the world!