Sunday, April 7, 2019

Surf's Up

The waves were epic, and all the surfers knew it.

There had to be at least 25 surfers at this beach alone.
All very dedicated and talented, catching these large waves with ease.

I love the misty splash/spray in this picture...

and this one that demonstrates how large the waves were, they were huge.

My oldest son Scott enjoyed surfing...
I was not a good "mom of a surfer" as I never wanted him to go to the beach alone.
I have learned in my "older" years that all surfers arrive at the beach alone.
They "meet" there, 
I never realized how the community of surfers worked, and that when he went,
he would probably never be alone.
When you are a mom, your thoughts are always of safety first...
that no one should be in the ocean, surfing alone.
I'm sorry Scott, I just wanted you to be safe and I did not understand...
I was one of those overprotective mom's!!


  1. Mums the world over always want to protect their children...that's what mums do. To surf with other like minded people is a good thing....never underestimate the ocean. I have always thought it would be the best thing to be able to ride those big waves on a surfboard, as long as you live to tell the tale. I admire a surfer's balance and how their feet seem glued to the boards. When I was young I loved the ocean. I loved going way out and body surfing the waves back to the shore.

  2. Splendid photos of the "thrill of the moment".
    PS: You are not alone. It is okay for a parent to worry about their adult child.

  3. Fabulous photos. The waves were incredible. All I can think is how cold it must be. Guess the wet suits do a great job.

  4. Don't you just love their daring ways. Yet as moms, we do not necessarily want our own kids to be daring, it's too scary. LOL. I am with you young mommy. I used to think I wanted to learn to surf and sky dive. Was not to be. I snorkeled a couple times and took a couple flying lessons...a wee trade off. I loved the pictures. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  5. Hello, I think a Mom never stops worrying. Love the surfer images, great action shots. Happy Sunday, enjoy your day! Wishing you a happy new week!

  6. What fabulous photos! I have 4 sons that have all done all kind of things over the years...and still does. My youngest son will be in a mountain biking race today! BOYS!!! Enjoy your day!

  7. Gorgeous shots!

    I am truly with you in your mom thoughts... :)

  8. I think that surfers are a different breed:) love that misty picture too.

  9. The photos are so beautiful! Seascapes are so hard to paint because the water is in constant motion. Your photos provide a good study in that captured moment of movement.
    My youngest son loved to surf as a child but it was at Hurricane Harbor on the man made surf thing! The only concern I had then was his nose was perpetually sunburned. Sure enough, last year he had a bit of skin cancer but it was on his lip. His passion has been motorcycles since he was 16. He’s still passionate about it and has recently bought a new one. It scares me but at 30.....he will be 31 this summer.....I choose to admire his passion and applaud his abilities. Actually, I was just thinking about this as I am writing and my oldest son, now 52, has a motorcycle and rides it to work everyday. I guess the difference is my youngest son rides for the thrill and has entered different contest around the state for riders. I’ve never been invited to go and that’s really good.
    As moms we do the best we can.......

  10. Wow! Amazing photos, make me feel as if I'm there in person!

    I think you're too hard on yourself. Moms are over protective when it comes to their kids. I know I was, and even though my kids are grown I still am sometimes.

  11. Hey Debbie,
    Yes, I am an Mom like that too. Even now with them grown. Its so hard keeping my mouth shut. I figured out what was wrong and why I couldn't read your blog. Its all me. I had zoomed it to read that newspaper article you had posted about those wonderful old cars and forgot to put it back. So now I am back! Yay! Now to get caught up on all of the blog posts I missed. Have a lovely day Debbie.

  12. And yet he survived and thrived! And I bet he appreciates you now! Great action shots of the surfers, but I like the ones showing the wave action (and huge size) the best!

  13. Wow - you really caught the action - and what huge waves! I would have worried too - and not just about surfing alone, but, did you see how BIG those waves are?!? Eeek!!! I have no doubt you are a loving mom - it's only natural to want your kids to be safe.

  14. I would have been right there with you Debbie. Overprotective could have and maybe still is my middle name. Those waves look awesome, as long as I'm on dry ground.

  15. Wow those were some massive waves, bet the sound of them coming in was something else. i think there are a few things I did as I was raising my daughter I did to protect her that probably wasn't necessary but that is what you do as a mom, I would be nervous whether he was with people or not actually :) You captured some great action shots there!

  16. A mum never stops being concerned/protective for her child(ren), it's what we do :)

    Your photographs are fabulous Debbie.

    All the best Jan

  17. Fantastic photos! That's something I know better than to attempt. Surfing is best left to those with skills.