Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Seaside Heights, NJ

My Grandmother lived here and I spent many summers here as a child and young adult.
I enjoy coming here more in the off season,
before the vacationers and people from out of town take over the area.
This town suffered so much damage from super storm sandy,
but they have rebuilt and recovered.

The beaches are beautiful.

The dune replenishment project has taken a long time but it is well underway...

The amusement rides that were in the ocean after the storm,
have been rebuild and are as colorful as ever!

One lone laughing gull was enjoying the sunshine and the view...

This boat and 

Lucky Leo's have been here for as long as I can remember.

As we walked back to the car, I noticed this cool dolphin bike rack.
Seaside Heights, lots of good memories for me!


  1. Your family goes back a long way in the area. It is quite rare these days. Once a couple who are from different regions get married, obviously one if them will be displaced. In our case Miriam was born and raised locally but I am from away.

  2. My husband and I were there on Easter Sunday and so happy to see all the improvements since Sandy and also the fire! It was lovely! I spent many a summer there as a young child and have nothing but happy memories of Seaside! Hugs to you and Chuck!

    1. hi jean...i know you read often AND i love when you leave me a comment. we were here on thursday, it was such a beautiful day!! i hope you had a nice day, i hope seaside was kind to you and that you had a lovely easter!!

  3. Grandparents can be the source of many fond memories! That area is gorgeous too. It has been beautifully restored.

  4. I and my mom used to spend our holidays at the seaside too, every summer.
    We have such lovely memories too...
    Thanks for sharing.

  5. What a pretty place and so happy it was re-built.

  6. That's a beautiful place! I'm guessing it won't be much longer before you don't have it to yourself.

  7. You have lovely photos to relive those memories often.

  8. So nice to see the beach and amusement park restored. Looks like a wonderful place for memories - now and then! x

  9. A beautiful area by the sea and wonderful memories for you Debbie

  10. Seaside was very kind to us and we had the perfect afternoon there! I'm in my happy place when I hear the waves and the gulls!! Hugs!

  11. It is always wonderful to see something come back from tragedy and as you said they have done a wonderful job. I remember our first time going there when Greg was stationed at McGuire and when we were on the beach we were the only ones speaking English around us, LOL!

  12. I love to return to the areas that bring back memories. I am happy that they have rebuilt this area after all the damage. I enjoyed walking through this one with you today. Hugs!

  13. It looks a lovely place …

    All the best Jan