Thursday, July 19, 2018

What's Growing On...

Welcome to a Part II look at what's growing in my container garden.
So far, the garden looks great, green and healthy.
Cucumbers and tomatoes have started to appear and I have used my 
fresh dill for a pasta salad!

I have 3 different tomato plants...

this one was started with slices of tomatoes.

These tomatoes were started with seeds in April.

I have one cucumber plant...

it is producing nicely and I have several that are about ready to pick.

I am growing romaine lettuce this year.
I started these 2 plants with scraps from the kitchen.
The first leaves died but now it seems to have taken off nicely.

My dill is out of control and I don't know what to do with it.
I love dill but I could never use all that I have.
I grow it primarily to attract swallowtail butterflies, 
so I can get some eggs and raise them indoors.

So what about you guys...what's "growing on" in your garden?


  1. We use rue to attract our swallowtails and milkweed for Monarchs. Next year we will plant some dill. We released our first Giant Swallowtail yesterday and I expect that over the next day or two we will see the remaining five emerge. Monarchs are still a couple of weeks away. As for tomatoes, cucumbers etc. we are so close to the Mennknite farms around here we buy from them. It’s a whole lot less work and their fruit and vegetables are great.

  2. Replies
    1. hehehe, me too - we are knitters, "cut from the same string"!!!

  3. How do you keep the critters away? We grew jalepenos one year, squash and zuchinni, but the deer (or something) ate everything else.

    (Beautiful deck!)

    1. i don't have any advice in this department, i have no idea why no one eats my produce!! my yard is loaded with all kids of wildlife, squirrels, skunks, raccoons...the list is endless and no one bothers anything, SO FAR and for many years. fingers crossed i stay lucky!!!

  4. Hello, your garden is looking great. I wish I had one of your tomato plants. I am only growing mint in a pot. You do have a green thumb. Enjoy your day!

  5. Hello Debbie,
    your tomatoes are a real success! We have potatoes of different sorts and colours, strawberries, salad, spinach, peas, parsley, rucola, dill. In Finland we put some dill in the water when we boil potatoes, for an enhanced flavour.
    Your baby blankets are lovely!
    Enjoy your day.

  6. We had a cold June so my garden is about two weeks behind. It’s doing well now with the heat and humidity though. Your container garden is a delight Debbie.

  7. I am glad to know you have spent summer days with pretty plants.

  8. Love the ones you started from the plant itself...

  9. I am truly amazed that my potted cucumber is doing so well.
    It is climbing up that trellis just like it's suppose to. LOL

  10. Love your plants!I have a doubt:how do you raise butterfly eggs indoors??!I really have no idea...Hugs!

  11. So good to see your garden LOL We have one also. It's a banana pepper plant and a Roma tomato in the same whiskey barrel. :):) It's easy to weed and water. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  12. I love that you’re able to grow all of this in containers! I also like how you experiment- what an awesome garden you have!

  13. Your container garden looks great. I have tried this in the past and it just wasn't very successful.

  14. Wow everything is looking just terrific!! I am so bummed I forgot to take pictures of my Romaine Lettuce I grew from seeds, they did terrific , I picked the last of it a couple days ago.

  15. Regretfully, nothing is growing in my garden this year. My grandchildren did plant a squah and watermelon. Hopefully, we will have something from it. I love your patio garden and you are an inspiration to me. Maybe next year my life will be less crazy. Sending loving thoughts and hugs!

  16. You have such a pretty porch! Looks like all your plants are doing well! Wow, especially the tomatoes! Do you make fried green tomatoes, or wait til they are red to pick? wow, the dill is outrageously huge, ha ha LOL I wonder if you could share it, maybe someone else would use it. My Grandmas put it in the pickle jars, I dont know what else to do with it.

  17. Your garden is beautiful! I hope those tomatoes will become red very soon.

  18. Your green thumb is working well!
    Plants look great!

    All the best Jan

  19. I wouldn't even worry about using the dill if it attracts butterflies, that is purpose enough. Whatever you can use is a bonus. Everything looks wonderful.