Friday, July 13, 2018

Celebrating the 4th

Is it too late to talk about the 4th of July?
Good...I didn't think so.
We spent the day at my nieces house, with friends and family.
She lives in a cute little beach community,
 each year, on the 4th,
they have their own little parade.

The day plays out like this...
We go to Deanna and Anthony's house at 10 am, they make us an amazing breakfast.
Afterward, we decorate the kids bikes...we use to decorate their wagon,
they're not little anymore,
and the neighborhood gathers for a parade.
It is so fun and a wonderful tradition that I really enjoy.

This is my favorite picture of the day!
Look at that face and those pretty red curls, 
could she be any cuter?

Addie on the right and her best friend forever, Olivia.

Little Anthony

Big Anthony, Addie and Lorelei's dad.
I adore this guy!

The next 5 pictures are of the little parade - the kids love it!

After the parade, we get cool in the pool!

This little Lorelei is such a character...

and can you handle those freckles?

This is my Addie, she will be 6 on Saturday!

Anthony, my other niece Sarah's boy.

This kid is a whipper, snapper - so smart - we'll leave it at that!

These kids have so much fun together...

And don't tell Lorelei you're hot, she will take care of that in one second flat!

I love the 4th and look forward to this every year!


  1. Your 4th of July looks like sooooo much fun. Oh those freckles and red hair!! Lorelei and Addie are very sweet. How fun to have a neighbourhood parade. Your photos are amazing!

    1. thanks kim, it is a small, close knit community. i love where she lives, when we drive through, everyone waves to us and we don't even live there. it's a thing, everyone waves to everyone else!!

  2. Never too late, especially when you have adorable kid photos. What a fun day and awesome tradition. Maybe someday little Lorelei, Addie, and Anthony will be decorating their kid’s wagon - but let’s not rush that!! It looks like you had a great day!

    1. oooooh karen, a sweet thought. if so...i hope i am around to see it!!

  3. Those kids will have wonderful memories of that holiday! Such sweeties!

  4. Hello, looks like a fun 4th of July. The kiddies are adorable. Happy Friday, enjoy your day and weekend!

  5. Such fun and happiness...Precious time!Hugs!

  6. So, so cute! I love seeing these little ones; they're adorable. And, great job decorating the bikes. :)


  7. It is always so fun to watch the day through a child's eyes, they are growing up that's for sure, looks like it was the perfect 4th celebration!

  8. Adorable kids and a fun tradition! I bet the parade is a really big deal for them!

  9. There's nothing cuter than a little kid in goggles.

  10. I can see why you look forward to the 4th every year. I love these old fashioned type parades and the decorated bikes brought back some memories. Those girls are so adorable and little Anthony too. I think it is wonderful that you can have fun with these little ones. We have a red head with freckles too. They are so darn cute. Thanks for sharing all the preious photos of this family and this activity.
    Loving thoughts and hugs for you!