Sunday, July 8, 2018

On The Road Again...

I love road trips...
everything about them is relaxed and time is irrelevant.

When we travel, I like to knit in the car, but I also like to take in the scenery.
In addition, the hubs and I usually play one road trip game,
on our trip to Lake George, we played 
"On The Road Scavenger Hunt"
It's just that,
 a scavenger hunt of different types of vehicles, signs, animals, scenery and random stuff.
Now you might think I have an advantage because he is driving,
but that's not true because he knows the list by heart,
and he is very good at spotting things and so am I.
 And if you didn't know it, I am competitive, and I don't like to lose.

We only played for about one hour because someone was getting testy.
We usually spot more things, but we called it quits at the perfect time because,
I won 27 to 22.

Another thing we always do when we travel, is send each other a post card.
We write them at the end of the vacation and talk about our favorite parts of the trip.
Mine did not say "my favorite adventure was kayaking"!
They come in the mail a few days after we get home, 
when you have totally forgotten about them, and they are so fun to read!

We passed quite a few fun things along the way, and turned around for a couple.

I spotted this awesome truck on the side of the road...

and this cool fence,

covered with skis.

The hubs spotted this beautiful waterfall at just the right time,

we both needed to get out of the car...

and stretch our legs!

The High Falls Historic Site, in case you are interested.
I really enjoy knitting in the car, but I also feel like I miss a lot of scenery when I do.
So I try to balance things out, with a little bit of everything!


  1. Hello, I love road trips too. The truck and ski fence are great sightings. Pretty waterfalls! Sending yourself the postcards is a fun idea. Loved the photos. Happy Sunday, enjoy your day!

    1. thanks eileen...i just can't seem to stop talking about this trip, it was an exceptionally fun one!!

  2. Your road trips sound like such fun! A scavenger hunt would be a great idea for the kids when they are a bit older too. I’ll try to remember it but that’s not always easy these days.

  3. It's always a good thing to quit while you're ahead. =) I love road trips too....watching the scenery and knitting or sewing or reading. Your road trips sound like a lot of fun. That fence with all those skis is fabulous.

  4. IO too like road trips and have done so many that we are out of places close to us. Have even flown into a place and rented a car and drove. Love that rooster in the truck.

  5. That's one of the joys of retirement. My favorite thing. Road trips. I never read, I just watch the passing scenery.
    I once took a two month road trip with a friend--all over the North West. No plan, other than the route I had marked on the map. We planned to be gone two weeks, but there was so much to see. If we saw a "Brown Sign" that suggested an historic place 50 miles off the route, off we went. Best road trip of my entire life.
    Fred and I did the same thing all over the North East--only gone two weeks, but got to see where his Great Grand Father fought in the Battle of Gettysburg, got to drive up the east coast and stop and eat fresh caught Lobster, got to do the Freedom Trail in Boston, got to see the Bush compound in Maine.
    Also spent a month touring Florida from Pan Handle all the way to Key West.
    This post brought back a lot of memories. Sorry to rattle on.

  6. I love how you guys enjoy road trips, and share such fun and beautiful photo's.

    Probably because we did so much traveling when Dad was in the service, I'm not too keen on taking any. However, I would like to visit Kentucky where he was born. I will say this, during those trips my oldest brother and I played games also, like spotting cars with one headlight, or vw's, etc. Good old days. ::)


  7. I love road trips too! Sending post cards to each other is fun! Great sightings of waterfalls and skis!

  8. I couldn't decide if I liked the truck better, or the giant rooster...then I came to those lovely falls. That but the cherry on that road trip...I think.

  9. You have lots of fun and that's the best part! Love the truck and rooster! Beautiful waterfalls!

  10. Your road trips sound like so much fun! I love the postcard idea! You didn't like kayaking? - or it just wasn't your favorite? Knitting in the car - no can do - motion sickness, blech - so I pretty much have to watch the scenery. The scavenger hunt would be fun, though.

  11. I am amazed that you say a road trip is relaxing. I fiend them anything but. I have to drive through unfamiliar cities, listen to my wife giving unsolicited and sometimes totally irrelevant directions. Road trips are simply a way to get from here to there and for the most part a pain in the ass.

  12. the scavenger hunt game sounds like lots of fun. I love to road trip too but haven't been able to for a long time.

  13. There’s scenery when one looks up from knitting???

  14. How I love road trips and I am excited for you that you two are on one now. Can't wait to see all the photos you'll be taking while traveling. Love the ones in this post. Happy traveling!

  15. I love road trips too, always have! To me they are so much more carefree and adventurous than flying. Wow, love the waterfall pictures, so pretty! I liked reading the history too. That ski fence is so neat!!--never seen anything like that! When I was young I used to love to get into the waterfalls, nothing dangerous or high up, just pretty waterfalls. I read that 3 people were swept over a big waterfall somewhere this week, they were popular adventure/travel bloggers and instant-grammers, I think? It was a man and his girlfriend/fiance and a travel buddy. The women was swept over and they both went after her and they all perished. So so sad. Just an awful accident.

  16. How nice and what a fun game. You see the most fun things. I really liked that truck with a rooster.
    Road trips are always the best. I hope you have a great week Debbie.

  17. You crack me up, good timing on quitting the game :) Love the old truck and that fence is a cool idea. The falls were beautiful, don't you just love when something neat comes along right when you need a break. I am usually the one driving so I don't miss out on much, I get car sick if I try to do anything.

  18. Hi Debbie... As always, fabulous pictures. Hugs!

  19. You take the best of road trips and I love the things you do. I think it is so cute that you play a game. You two have an amazing releationship of fun.
    I liked the truck and fence. Most of all I loved the waterfall. This would be on my bucket list to see a really lovely waterfall. I must make it happen.
    I would love a copy or resource for the game you play.
    Blessings and hugs!

  20. Love that truck and isn't the ski fence good too!

    Great idea with the postcards.

    All the best Jan

  21. Love roadtrips too!! I always liked your postcard idea --- saw fences like that when we were up in the mountains in Colorado; why didn't I take pictures? Probably because I was concentrating on breathing at that altitude!!