Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Yarn Along

It's Wednesday, time for a Yarn Along update
and I have lot's to share today.

I finished my great niece Madelyn's Chevron Baby Blanket
It's washed, blocked and ready for wrapping.

I am back working on the second neutral Chevron Baby Blanket,
the one I started before Madelyn's.
I am buzzing along quickly,
no real mistakes and I just love these colors.

The Gallatin Scarf will be next on the needles.
The yarn looked purple in the shop, but now it looks brownish,
but purplish in the picture.
I think I am having a problem with my color vision.
The hubs say's the green shirt I wear is gray 
and the green flip flops I asked for at the beach are also gray.
- one of us has a problem -

Here's a better look at it...
I have never knitted anything like this but Paige said I could do it.
If not, she will help me.

This is the pattern, I am not sure I have ever seen anything like it!

Here is the cute project bag I picked up in Paige's shop...

and the official NJ Wool Walk Bag.
I did not "need" either of these was a matter of "want"...
and one can never have too many bags - right?

And how about those's been 10 days and they still look amazing!!


  1. You sure a knitting up a storm these days, Debbie. I look forward to seeing the progress on the scarf when you get at it.

  2. Hello, pretty flowers and I love your blankets. The scarf will be beautiful. The new bags are cute too. Enjoy your day!

  3. I love that first blanket. Purple is a fav color of mine. And, that bouquet.. how pretty. Just an all around gorgeous blog post today.

  4. The blanket turned out great and the flowers are amazing and you will love that scarf, just go for it.

  5. I think the scarf will be easy for you....look at those lovely blankets you have made. I do love Madelyn's new blanky. It will be a treasure. I looked at the posts I have missed. Oh that yarn cute. Blessings to you. xoxo, Susie

  6. The flowers are so beautiful, Debbie! The scarf will be perfect! :)

    I hope you're having a good day, my sweet friend.


  7. The purple baby blanket is beautiful, but my favorite colors are blue, so the second one is...........and i really like doing Chevron projects. The scarf is VA Va Voom--that would look great with my wedding outfit, if it were a different color.

  8. Gorgeous as always! I love those colors too. I wonder why our eyes change like that? Have they checked or cataracts? That was what mine did before I even knew I had them. I love the new one your are going to make.
    Have a lovely day.

  9. Debbie
    all of your knitting works are beautiful.
    I love purple, your yarn is great.
    The flowers are wonderful.
    Spring greetings from Poland.

  10. Those flowers are amazing ...
    Madelyn will love the blanket.

    All the best Jan

  11. That scarf is just gorgeous! You can do it...I know you can!

  12. Another beautiful chevron blanket, Debbie. You are an old hand at these now, aren't you. Madelyn will love this gift of wooliness. The scarf is a pretty pattern. You will ace it! Lovely flowers!

  13. Lucky babies -- both blankets are beautiful -- I'm sure you can do whatever you want to do and that scarf is lovely. Yes absolutely to what you said about bags.

  14. I don't doubt that you can achieve that new project.Have fun.

  15. Hi Debbie, your knitted baby blankets are adorable, love the chevron pattern and the colors.
    Can't wait to see your finished scarf, lol, I have the same problem with yarn colors, they seem to like to
    change colors on you on the way home:)
    Happy knitting!!!

  16. Wow those flowers are lasting a long time, that's always nice when they can last a long time. Congrats on the afghan, looks terrific!!
    I totally love the scarf you are going to make, looks like it will be nice for spring, the color of the yarn looks purple to me, at least on my computer, maybe it is one of those that looks different in different lighting :) I do have a lot of bags myself, I am running out of places to store them :)

  17. Wow - I love your baby blankets; I can't help but think there are a couple babies who will become very attached to their blankets! I'm terrible with color. I once had a blue jacket that everyone else insisted was purple - it was blue. And I never can visualize the final color of either yarn or paint. It's such a source of frustration to me when I have a clear picture in my head of what I want, and then it comes out differently. I probably need to lighten up. I will be curious to see what color your scarf turns out to be.

  18. The flowers are so beautiful. You do know how to arrange items to look marvelous together. The Chevron Baby Blankets turned out so lovely. I really love the pattern. Your next knitting project the scraf looks challenging; but you can do it. Yes, you can never have too many bags. These are cute ones. It is fun to get wants once in a while.
    Blessings and hugs!

  19. On to a lacy can do it!!!
    Be patient. When I am working on something new and difficult, I like to have something sure and safe on the needles as well. That way in moments of frustration, I can switch to the easier project for a few rows (or a few days!) to calm my nerves. Just a helpful hint that might work for you too.

  20. Debbie, both blankets are just wonderful!
    And this scarf is beautiful. Perfect spring/summer scarf.
    Hmmmm, the hank of yarn in your photo looks purpley/brown to me, but I've learned the hard way accuracy of colors viewed online is not something you can depend on. No matter, I just know that yours will be beautiful, and I look forward to seeing it here.

    I just read the comment from MarmePurl, and I do the very same thing. Right now I am working on a shawl, and although it doesn't seem to difficult, much of it is new to me, and I am still quite uncoordinated with circular needles. Sooooooo, I keep a simple scarf on another set of needles, and when I get confused (or panicky!!!), I just work on that for a while. It really helps a lot.

    Have a wonderful weekend!!