Monday, April 30, 2018

Holland At Home

Every Fall, the hubs plants the Spring bulbs.
This past November, he planted 300...mostly tulip bulbs.
He does the planting alone, 
when they pop up in the Spring, they are like little surprises for me.

The mailbox garden...

the front center garden...

and this small garden up by the front door.
The hubs bought that birdhouse for me, made of all recycled materials.

These Daffodils survived 2 snows and frigid temperatures.
You must admire 
their determination to survive and thrive!! 


  1. What a sweet man . . . I love your garden flowers and I pinned your birdhouse, that is adorable :)
    Happy Spring!
    Connie :)

  2. Your hubs is truly a sweetheart, and I'm betting you do lots of incredible things his way as well (but he doesn't blog) I am jealous of any and all folks that have any tulips in their gardens. Thanks to old man winter, or on a rampage mother nature who or whatever the case, I may not see any of mine this year. Time will tell.

  3. Hello, Debbie, your tulips are beautiful. I love the variety of colors. Lovely photos. Enjoy your day and new week!

  4. Oh gosh Debbie -- it's like a Tulip Farm right there in your own yard! Your husband is wonderful. (We have visited tulip farms in Oregon in the past ... they are amazing places). And of course nowadays I see neither tulips nor daffodils except in pictures -- and so I loved seeing yours!!!

  5. What a pretty location. I like your mailbox very much!

  6. Tulips! My very favorite, and the first flowers I received as a gift. Yours are all magnificent, Debbie. :)


  7. Oh my dear friend, The flowers are lovely. I think I will hint to my hubby to try this next year. What a delightful surprise when they start blooming. You really do live in a paradise.
    Blessings and hugs!

  8. I love your birdhouse! The tulips and daffodils are a wonderful surprise!

  9. Oh my gosh! Such stunning beauty! He did a fantastic job. I'm jealous but I sure thank you for sharing them with me!

  10. Do he replant every fall?
    I just let mine come up year after year, until the moles thin them out.
    I only planted about 50 last years.
    I think any husband called Chuck must be great. My sister's hubs is Chuck and he is a lot like yours.

    1. tulips don't generally come back each year. if you plant 100 bulbs, maybe 50 will come back the second year....then zero the next. regardless, we usually pull the entire plant with the bulb to plant our summer flowers, i usually plant vinca's in these spots. if you don't let the plant die back naturally and nourish the bulb, it usually won't come back anyway, that can take 8 weeks and i like to switch out my flowers before then for summer. we have never had much luck with tulips coming back, even when we left them alone. daffodils are a different story!!

  11. Each garden is so pretty. I love the mailbox as well.

  12. Debbie your home and the lawn and landscaping is just beautiful. I remember your pretty mailbox garden from last year, and maybe even the year before?--not sure? It is surely my favorite mailbox, so pretty the way y'all have decorated it and put the flowers in. All your outside areas you've shown us are very very pretty. I forget--do y'all grow any vegetables as well, or just flowers? What are your favorite flowers to grow? And your least favorite?

  13. He is quite the keeper that's for sure, how lovely to have all that pop up in the spring, glad your daffodils hung in there through all the weather it had to work against :)

  14. Wow, he does a fantastic job! Those are gorgeous!

  15. 300 plants?

    what a terrific job by your husband dear debbie!

    here either my hubby plants seasonal flowers in mid or last days of November but due to sudden hot weather they do not last for long

    these are looking sooo PRETTY!!!

  16. What a great job he did, Debbie!
    Everything looks just beautiful.

  17. Very well done to your hubs!
    The tulips look lovely, such a variety of colour.

    All the best Jan