Sunday, April 29, 2018

Dinner Is Served

We were out for a bike ride in
Spring Lake
It was so warm at home but too cold in Spring Lake, 
even at the lake which is a half mile in from the ocean.
I asked the hubs to drive around the lake, 
hoping I would spot something fun and exciting that I could photograph.

We circled several times and it finally happened.
I saw this big guy, circling also.
From a distance, I thought it was a Hawk, once it came in closer, I realized it was an Osprey.
I tried several times to get a picture and it was impossible - for me.
The hubs asked for the camera, he knew I was struggling...
and he captured this!

We watched the Osprey for several minutes - awwwww who am I kidding,
we had our eyes on him for at least a half hour.
He was circling and swirling, 
- he moved, we moved -
and then we watched him dive straight down in to the water!

He captured dinner and flew off...but not without Chuck capturing this beautiful silhouette.
We will go back, I figure since he got lucky, he will return also.

April 22, 2018


  1. Very beautiful capture. Well done!

  2. A great capture ...
    Well done.

    Happy Sunday and good wishes for the new week ahead.

    All the best Jan

  3. Fantastic shots Debbie. Incredible creature, beautifully captured.

  4. WTG Chuck!!! Thanks for these amazing photos.
    I think you might have some competition, Deb. LOL

  5. Hello debbie!
    Fantastic photos, wonderful and beautiful bird.
    Spring greetings from Poland.

  6. To watch an Osprey is about as rewarding an experience as I can imagine, and I commend you both for your interest and your perseverance. It is only fitting that it plunged into the water and came up with a fish while you were there. Congratulations.

  7. Great shots, Chuck! It's good that he can take over when you're struggling. You are both good photographers! :)


  8. The Osprey is such a beautiful bird to watch in flight.How special that you were able to witness a successful hunt as well!

  9. Way to go, Chuck!!!
    This is fantastic!!

  10. Wow, such amazing photos! Between the two of you, you have the glorious shot covered! =)

  11. Those are fantastic! You taught him well! I've only seen and photographed an osprey once.

  12. Wonderful capture! Way to go Chuck! I don’t think I’ve ever seen an osprey in flight. It must have been an awesome experience just to watch.

  13. Oh my gosh I think I'm going to go right over and delete my osprey picture which is definitely nowhere near as good as your hubby's. They are everywhere here, but I never tire of photographing them. But I am totally unable to get good flight shots.

  14. Wow, your husband did capture a great shot. He is good at this too; I see. Loved that he caught the bird with it's prey. It's all amazing.
    Big hugs!

  15. He did good capturing him, that is the hardest thing getting them flying and with his lunch that was extra special :)