Sunday, January 9, 2011

Welcome Judi

I have a new shadow following my blog.....welcome Judi, you make 5. I am not going to mention that 3 of my followers are related to me, not going to talk about that. I appreciate their support and not just here. I have an awesome family.....I adore my hubs and my 2 guys are the best. You too Judi, you have been a terrific cyber-buddy!!!!

This ended up being the highlight of my day. Still trying to finish the house, I have taken way too many breaks. Actually.......the "work" time equates to what should be the "break" time and vise-versa, if you can follow that (smile).

We did go to Carrabba's......I rewarded all my hard work with the more expensive Lobster Ravioli, that I always want but feel is a tad over-priced. Plus I kinda justified it because I think I am going to get snowed in again and therefore will not be eating out (frown). It was delish!!!!!

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