Friday, January 21, 2011

Breakfast with the Girls!!!

Awesome day with my mom and sister, breakfast and shopping, we had so much fun!!!

I think the picture came out really good but when I look at my sister, I think boy, we don't look alike. I do however think I look like my mom!!!

We had breakfast at the Cozy Kitchen, it was awesome. We shopped at Kohls where I scored a shirt for $ 4.50 less my 15% off coupon. That makes the final cost of the shirt less then $ 4.00. I also found "plum" leather gloves...I don't know how much I paid....and it matters not. They were purple and had my name written all over them.

Next we went to Bath & Body works. I got 2 amazing lip glosses and refills for my air fresheners, 20% off my total order, of course. Why don't they just skip the coupon and charge 20% less for everything. I guess if they did, it might not feel as good.

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