Wednesday, January 26, 2011

It's Snowing Again!!!!!!

I did not have to type the title of this post....I just copied and pasted, because so far this winter, it has snowed a lot!!!! First we had snow today, then it was pourin' ice, then it was pouring rain and now I'm not really sure what it's doing. To know that would require a walk to the window....putting on the outside lights and mostly just getting out of this very warm spot at my computer, I don't feel like doing that. So let's just say that some sort of liquid is coming from the clouds and leave it at that. I am not going to report what the weatherman just said, he is absoluetly clueless and every prediction is different.....really!!!

I have no idea what I did today but I know I was busy all day!!!! I ban myself from facebook because I have a problem with that......I am going to look into facebook's anonymous. I will do that tomorrow. I loaded a bunch of pictures on to my ipod, 650, to be exact. It took hours to figure out how to do it and about 10 seconds to actually do it, it is super simple!!!!!

Most of my beautiful tiger lilies have passed, but a few are still alive and brightening up my "space". No one says room any more, have you noticed that. They are not rooms, they are "spaces"!!!!

Here's what they look like today, the tiger lilies........I think it has been 15 days but I will have to check and post an update. I am not doing that now because it would also require getting up and I am very comfortable right where I am!!

Whoooops, I took the pictures but did not load them. Now I have to get up!!!!

Finally.....the picture....

ooohhhh and I checked while I was up....
I bought these 15 days ago,
5 are looking lovely!!!!!!

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