Thursday, September 7, 2017

Stonington, Ct.

We went on a quick, short get-a-way to the Mystic, Stonington, Connecticut area.
3 days, 2 nights - it was perfect as we have visited this area so many times in the past.
These pictures were taken in Stonington.

We made it to Noah's in Stonington for blueberry pancakes - they were awesome.

This could have been the perfect quick get-a-way except we left our suitcase at home.
It wasn't as bad as it could have been...
our clothes were hung in the car and I have a separate suitcase for all our toiletries,
that suitcase we had.
Packed in the suitcase we left home - swim suits, pj's, charging cords...
actually nothing we couldn't adjust to being without.
Except all of my medicine - that was difficult to live/function without.
So we came home early, I didn't get to go to the aquarium
and that broke my heart, I love the Mystic Aquarium.

August 29, 2017

ps...we had a good time, it just would have been better had we remembered that suitcase!


  1. Wonderful tranquil break Debbie even though it was sadly cut short due to leaving your medication at home. The pancake looks delicious! I'm sure there will be a return trip. Have a wonderful day :)

  2. Oh Debbie what a shame about your meds!!! However, even though it was cut short, it looks like it was quite enjoyable...:)JP

  3. Now you have a reason to go back again, Debbie. Great photos. Love the bird shots! Perfect as usual.

  4. Hello, pretty views of the water and sailboats. It looks so peaceful there. Love the heron, egret and cormorants. Sorry about the suitcase, the medicine is very important. Have a happy day!

  5. Hi Debbie! Loved these photos from Stonington and the birds you saw and even the blueberry pancake!
    Sorry it had to be cut short but it was still pretty good!

  6. Greetings from the UK. Sorry you had to shorten your visit.

    Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

  7. this little vacay was quite a hardship, huh

  8. I bet that won't EVER happen again! Once we went on a family vacation and when we got in our hotel room, we discovered my son and daughter had left their suitcase in the bedroom! That's when we discovered Goodwills! We were in Colorado and still had a great time! This was 45 years ago and I still love Goodwills!

  9. I started out on a trip with girlfriends, and halfway to our destination one of the girls remembered her hanging clothes. We had to turn around. UGH!


  10. That is always a fear of mine when I travel, that I might forget something important.Glad you still had good time. The Pictures are wonderful.

  11. I love your little get-aways!

    Wish we could still do these. As we used to. But his eyesight just doesn't let us drive distances, anymore.

    Keep doing them!!!!!!!!! But remember the suitcase. ,-))))))

  12. Sure sorry about the mishap but I think it calls for a reason to go back! And who wouldn't want to go back? It's a beautiful area!

  13. It looks like a lovely get away. I really loved the photos and your bird ones area always so awesome. Sorry, about the missing suitcase. I'm sure that was a bit stressful. I forgot to pack my husband's medication once and it was very concerning.
    Hopefully, you can return and see that part you didn't get to enjoy.
    As always, sending good thoughts your way and hugs too!

  14. Wow, while there is so much gloom in places, and now Irma and Jose are making their way up, it's wonderful to see such peace and harmony. Thank you.

  15. You took some great photos to make up for it! The heron is a favorite, of course. Nice one of the cormorant with wings open!

  16. I loved seeing your photographs, it looked a lovely break even though you had to cut it short.
    Take Care

    All the best Jan