Sunday, September 10, 2017

Watch Hill, Rhode Island

During our trip up north...we spent half a day in Watch Hill, Rhode Island.

It was cloudy and the air was cool, the ocean was rough and choppy.

This is the Watch Hill Lighthouse situated on the peninsula in Westerly, Rhode Island.

I like when these historic landmarks have a guest book I can sign.

The resident seagull - not moving a muscle.

This is Taylor Swift's Home, easily visible from the lighthouse property.

Next up... The Flying Horse Carousel
It is the oldest operating carousel in the United States in which the horses are suspended by chains.
Built in 1876, you can read more about The Flying Horse Carousel here.

We saw several beautiful wooden boats in Watch Hill.

The dock was private so we were not able to get as close as I would have liked.
We have been here before and when we last visited, we shopped the shops,
but that is not really my favorite thing to do.
On this day, we just wandered around.

If you would like to see pictures of the shopping area from our previous trips,
you can view them herehere and here.


  1. What a beautiful area, Debbie. Love the lighthouse snd that young gull. Great photos!

  2. Hello, I love the lighthouse. The Swift property and house is pretty. I like the ocean views and boats. Happy Sunday, enjoy your day and new week ahead!

  3. So enjoy your photos of places I'll never get to. Carousel and lighthouses and beautiful scenery.

  4. What beautiful pictures. This looks like a place I'd love to visit. Thank you for sharing it with us. :)


  5. Wow, an old carousel here. Restored by locals, with love. And in our city park.

    but I have never seen one, suspended by chains. Not that, must really give a "moving" feeling!!!!!!!!

    I have ridden ours, but I was a younger crone, then. :-) I'd not try now, and I'd really not try to get on one, suspended by chains!!!!!!! :-))))))))))

    Lovely boats. Owners have to fear hurricane season, even way up there, I'm sure.

    1. EEEKKK! Proof read woman! Proof read!!!

      No "Wow", above, I changed my line of thought, after I wrote the WOW.

      'NOT THAT'.... should have been "Now that,"

      Proofread, woman!<--advice to self!

      Luna Crone

  6. Fabulous photos Debbie, love the look of this place.

  7. so many places I want to see...the NE particularly...right after I've stepped in dinosaur tracks in Utah

  8. doesn't look quite as safe as a modern one

  9. Schön das alte Karusel und auch die Boote sind klasse.


  10. Very interesting sights. My granddaughter like the Taylor Swift house the best.

  11. Love it...never been to a light house but hope that soon I will get the chance. Loving the pics, everything looks so pretty.

  12. Why can't I comment on your 9/11 post?

    I remember tooooo...

  13. Beautiful! I love the lighthouse! Taylor's home is rather impressive as are the boats!

  14. i love the american flag on the beautiful!

  15. I always find your capturing POWERFUL,you not only own great lenses but wonderful art to capture Debbie!!!

    this place sounds so peaceful and gorgeous.
    loved the each photo specially the Swift home view ,so beautiful!
    seagull looks kind of sleepy

  16. I'm glad Sept 11 past without any major crisis, it's always a difficult day, even all these years later. I remember that morning so vividly. What a nice tribute in your photo.

    You visit such interesting places. Thanks for sharing your travels.😀

  17. What a great place to visit. Taylor Swift's house is huge!
    Have a wonderful week :)

  18. Glad it wasn't too HOT for you, I like to go in the fall when it is cooler, we didn't have that luck when we went out west it was in the 100's :( That is a lighthouse we haven't been to yet, maybe we will have to check it out when we go see our daughter in a couple years :) Wow Taylor's house is nice and big isn't it, I can't imagine having that big of a house, I guess if I didn't have to clean it that would make it easier :)
    The Carousel is so pretty, such wonderful murals they had on it!

  19. I do enjoy the Carousel photos and I especially loved these because of the era they are from. I do love Carousel's and wish that I would have collected some of the replicas of them. This looks like a unique place to visit. The boats look like old style ones; are they? Of course, I don't think I have ever seen a wood style boat like these. The Seagul is a beauty! Wow, Taylor Swifts's home is magnificent. I imagine the inside would be unbelievable too. I always like photos of light houses. Such a fun adventure; thanks for sharing it! Big hugs~

  20. It does look a very nice area to visit.
    Great selection of photo's for us Debbie - thanks.

    All the best Jan