Thursday, June 8, 2017

Stonington, CT.

Whenever we visit Mystic, we always make time to spend a few hours in Stonington.
5 minutes east of Mystic,
Stonington is a small slice of seashore heaven.

Stonington Harbor Light erected in 1823

On this trip we decided to have breakfast in Stonington.
We knew of a "hot spot"...a place we have passed in previous years
that was always packed with people.

Noah's Restaurant - boy was that a good choice! 

I ordered an omelet and it was very good.

But I was having a small "sweet" craving so I convinced the hubs to order one pancake,
in addition to his egg platter and I said we would share it.
Sharing - big mistake - 
This was the lightest, fluffiest pancake I have ever eaten, it was amazing.
I shoulda' ordered pancakes, next time.

This is a place where the locals hang and the decor is adorable.

The lighthouse was surrounded with Allium Gladiator...

and the view of the water was amazing!


  1. The harbour light caught my attention. What a classy building.

  2. Lovely!

    The sea took my breath away!

  3. Hello, The breakfast looks yummy. I love lighthouses, I could take a trip just going from lighthouse to lighthouse. The sailboat shot is lovely. Happy Thursday, enjoy your day!

  4. I love local hangouts for breakfast! Great find!

  5. I can always relie on you to show us lovely food, then I get hungry and am just about to step on a plane!

  6. Love the stone lighthouse! Built to last for sure. Such a beautiful place, Debbie. I love the glimpses you give us of your part of the US.

  7. Wow, what a perfect place. :-)))))

    And I love, love, love an old bar. Have a cocktail, before dinner.... :-)

    Except, it being CT, they *HAD* to have CNN on the tv. :-(((( Nope, no cocktails there, for me. >,-))))

    And again, how wise of you, to go there, before full tourist season. To enjoy everything, to the full.

    Luna Crone

  8. Your photos are really good and interesting, but the food, that pancake, i'll have to go and make a snack now, LOL.
    Take care, Gordon.

  9. Such peaceful photos. I love old stone buildings.

  10. You love to make me hungry, don't you!

  11. The food looks great, and the restaurant so cute! :)

  12. So pretty and so delicious! You can cover all the bases, Debbie!

  13. Another amazing place, and especially the dining room with all those paintings, they are wonderful to see too.

  14. That omelette looks delicious!
    Great photo's again Debbie, beautiful colour Allium's and the sea is so sparkly blue.

    All the best Jan

  15. Beautiful. Loving the PURPLE flowers for sure!

  16. These views are just incredible!

  17. An unusual lighthouse, almost looks like a church.

  18. Incredible photos Debbie. This area is on our bucket list even more now after seeing these :)

  19. A wonderful choice of where to have your breakfast. You can just tell it would have superb food from the way everything looks when you walk in!
    Hmmmmm, offering to share a sweet - and your dear hubs fell for that!! lol! You can obviously beguile (in a nice way) Debbie ;D)
    I see you found the purple allium... well done, it's lovely.

  20. Usually the packed places are the best, those pancakes do look good :) I do like thick pancakes. The flowers are gorgeous and I love sitting and watching boats or people having fun in the water :)

  21. The view of the water is amazing and you captured it well. Noah's Restaurant looks like a great one. I do find that where the locals go the food is usually very good. I haven't had pancakes for a while and now my mouth is watering. The Allium Gladiator is gorgeous and now I know it's name. I saw some other other day and wondered what they were. Blessings and hugs~