Tuesday, June 6, 2017

It's All About The Food...

When we vacation, we often revisit places we have visited before.
We say it is because we know our way around - we know where to go...
But honestly, it is really about "where we are going to eat"!
Yep - truth be told, it's all about the food.

The hubs always manages to find a good chocolate shop...

Ice cream is a must...
which is super easy to find at Mystic Drawbridge Ice Cream

Kahlua with Chocolate Swirl

The Hubs had Mint Chocolate Chip
and it wasn't green.

The walls had amazing art work,

this was my favorite.

It is the best for sure!

Now let's talk about

Lobster Bisque

Hot Lobster Roll

Shrimp in the Rough

The view...you dine outdoors, at picnic tables - paper plates, plastic utensils. 

The Hubs...

We were able to fit in some Mystic Pizza it was delicious...
I don't remember it being this good.
Would you like to see a picture of the pizza?
Can you believe I forgot to take one...my bad.

I took a ton of pictures inside,
their is a lot of movie memorabilia on the walls...

I'll share just this one as I am really on a picture overload for this post.


  1. My kind of vacation! Great fun!

  2. Hello Debbie, I would be happy there too. Especially with the lobster, shrimp and ice cream. YUM! Happy Tuesday, enjoy your day!

  3. Now I'm hungry, and the yogurt I'm planning to eat when I get to work is not going to cut it! Yum - this looks like a delicious trip!

  4. What a great short vacation.
    Especially like the lobster and the shrimp pictures.
    Amazing art work at the ice cream shop too.

    All the best Jan

  5. Same here! Back when we could go on vacations, it was all about the food!!!! And going to the beach, on Cape Cod.

    It was lovely, to be able to throw eating caution to the winds!

    Can't drive over there, any more.

    Can't throw eating choices to the wind, any more either.

    But the memories are lovely. :-)

    Please Remember D-Day...
    Luna Crone

  6. Love, love, love the ice cream parlor....

  7. Oh food! Ice cream is one of my favs and I had to give it up in Feb due to the surgery. Cravings are still there.....looks as if you had a great day and meals!

  8. Oh food! Ice cream is one of my favs and I had to give it up in Feb due to the surgery. Cravings are still there.....looks as if you had a great day and meals!

  9. Yum...that lobster roll! And if I had been there I would totally have swiped that ice cream and run off with it! ;-) Probably a good thing I am just a stranger on the Internet.

  10. Oh my goodness, what yummy food. I am so glad you started off with ice cream. It must be such fun to find places like that. I do wish I could have seen a piece of mystic pizza. What kind did you have. I am going to come someday just to eat Lobster rolls. Thanks for going on vacation. I never remember to take pictures.

  11. My word girl, you know how to find the food for sure. That Ice Cream was huge.

  12. I just knew you'd show that lobster, daggum it. I hope to have some soon. :)

    And, I just got back from the store in this bad, rainy weather so now I want ice cream too!

    You guys go to the best places, ever!


  13. Lobster? Shrimp? I'll have two each please. I'm not an ice cream fiend, so I'd rather have the seafood!
    Out East has the cutest little towns and eateries and shops.

  14. Very cool places! The food looks awesome! And you guys obviously had fun!

  15. I love all of this. Eating at different locales, when we travel, is always so much fun!

  16. I will have to keep the ice cream place in mind.... Amanda is going to Yale so we will be heading to CT at least a couple times in the next few years I am sure. We went to Mystic Pizza when we lived in New Jersey, but that has been awhile since we were there I can't even remember what the pizza taste like anymore. Finding a great place to eat is always topping on the cake when you are out and about!!

  17. Yummy food and lovely photos Debbie...

  18. You do visit such unique places. Of course, the ice cream looked Yummy! Did you have dessert before the other scrumptious food; just wondering??
    It does look like a fun repeat visit. Trust me I would go for the food. Loved the hubby's photo. Sending loving hugs your way~