Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Yarn Along

I am still working on my Honey Cowl.
I feel like I have made a lot of progress, but it does not look like much in the picture.
I am on to my second hank of yarn and I am starting to feel like three hanks for this size,
I cast on 220 stitches, would be better than two.
The 110 cast on is good for the Honey Cowl but ideal would be somewhere in the middle,
as I felt the 110 was a little tight.

My sister's friend Gay sent me a piece of sea glass 
which prompted me to glance through my favorite sea glass book.

I have several books but this is my favorite,
it is very informative and it is signed by the author whom I met.
I have been collecting sea glass since I was a child,
and have quite the addiction to walking the beaches looking for glass treasures.

The dish pictured holds my favorite pieces of sea glass,
my full collection of glass is huge, but these pieces are the most worn and beautiful ones I have.

I am joining Ginny at Small Things 
Yarn Along


  1. you are getting on well with your knitting Debbie.

  2. Um livro muito interessante com dedicatória e autografo o que o torna mais valioso.
    Um abraço e óptima Quarta-Feira.

    1. translated: A very interesting book with dedication and autograph making it more valuable.
      A hug and optimal Wednesday .

  3. best of with you knitting project dear ,
    book looks nice

  4. Hello Debbie, your honey cowl is coming along nicely. I just love your collection of sea glass, the colors are so pretty. Happy Wednesday, enjoy your day!

  5. Beautiful color of yarn. And, I love the sea glass also! So pretty. :)


  6. Your sea glass collection is beautiful! Growing up in Colorado, I have no idea about sea glass.

  7. My mom has that book. So pretty. I have gone sea glass hunting a few times this winter and NOTHING!!!!!! Recycling is good for the environment and all....BUT not good for sea glass lovers. Your pieces are beautiful. And the cowl is looking awesome.

  8. This cowl is looking very nice! It is on my "to do one day list"!! I have jotted down the title of that book - I've always loved sea glass...

    Linda in VA

  9. I love your sea glass, especially the blue. You are a great stylist, Debbie, arranging things for your photos.

  10. This cowl looks beautiful, Debbie!
    I love the sea glass too.
    Definitely nature's treasures, and yours too! :-)

  11. lovely collection of good times spent on sand. :)

  12. Sea glass is beautiful and our tides bring us very few peices here in this area. I love the deep cobalt peices best! Do you ever find marbles?

  13. Oh my!----i just saw the kite photos! Wow what a bright and colorful day!! Would loved to have gone to that!

  14. I love the colour in your sea glass and the book really invites you to open it and look inside ...

    But hey, your cowl looks good too.

    All the best Jan

  15. Your scarf is so pretty, I love that variegated yarn, such pretty colors!! Your sea glass is so pretty, that is so neat you got the autograph of the book you love!

  16. Again - I am so impressed with your knitting prowess!! The texture from this stitch is super pretty...and another great yarn choice!!

  17. Making progress on your Honey Cowl. Your sea glass is beautiful, and the book is a treasure.